Miley Cyrus has come a long way from her “Hannah Montana” days and has the leopard print knee-high boots to prove it: The former Disney star shocked fans when she joined Israeli-born DJ Borgore on stage over the weekend for a guest performance that had her very scantily clad and dancing with a topless stripper.

The 20-year-old singer collaborated with the dubstep DJ on his June EP “Decisions,” lending her backing vocals to the synthy tune. Borgore chose to keep the collaboration a secret until after the EP had been released, but officially confirmed it on Twitter, writing, “yer so i guess i can say now that miley cyrus is the backing female voice in decisions.”

"I really like to announce stuff after the song is done. A lot of times you work with people, sounds great, but it doesn’t come out and you make a fool of yourself," Borgore said in an interview with Rolling Stone. "The fact that you can meet with all these people, see how all these people work, I have a different person in the studio every day. I had a lot of people I really admire in my studio already."

Borgore told the magazine how excited he was to perform onstage with Cyrus for his “Christmas Creampies Concert,” saying he “didn’t think twice” about asking her to join him. “I didn't think twice before I did this,” he said. “I was so certain this is gonna work.”

"I feel like the second I go on the mic and there’s another person on the mic, it goes extremely well. The kids in the electronic area don’t get to see this s--t anymore, all they get to see is just DJs raising their hands up, being DJs," Borgore told Rolling Stone. "And putting more of a live feel to a show, two people on the mike singing, it just feels great. I think tonight is gonna go off.  I’m really excited about this."

And Borgore’s enthusiasm for Cyrus was contagious. At about 1:30 a.m. Borgore invited her out on stage, asking the crowd, "Are you ready for my special guest? Miley Cyrus!" True to his word, Cyrus came out on stage to a cheering crowd, wearing a strappy, bondage-inspired halter top, high-waisted pants, and knee-high leopard print stiletto boots. Cyrus wowed the crowd, dancing alongside topless exotic dancers on both sides of the stage as fans took photos on their cellphones.

But not everyone was impressed with Cyrus’ performances. One reader on E! News named Callie wrote, "Has this girl lost her mind? Her Disney career must have burned out her brain. She looks horrible with that hair and a double chin." VH1 appeared to have Miley’s back, however, responding on Twitter, “Umm, @MileyCyrus has been grown up for a while now- please stop pretending you’re shocked.”

Check out the video below to hear Miley's backing vocals on "Decisions."