Rumors about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth getting married this summer were shot down by the singer’s father Billy Ray Cyrus recently. However, the couple has pushed their wedding so that Miley can fulfill “The Voice” commitment, Hollywood Life reported Thursday.

“The Voice” auditions start Aug. 11 and the show’s 11th season shooting and live shows will be done through December, the report said, adding that Miley will be in “deep work” till 2016 end.

“The rush is no longer on…they are looking to dive into marriage after her duties with ‘The Voice’ are complete,” a source told Hollywood Life.

The report also speculated that it would be at least 2017 until Miley and Liam will plan to get married.

Miley’s father recently said that the “Wrecking Ball” singer and the Australian actor are “so happy right now.”

“Happy is hard to find. So if you’re in a good spot, woo! Bam! And Miley knows that,” he told InTouch Weekly magazine last Wednesday, adding that no there is no wedding for Miley and Liam anytime soon.

“No there’s no wedding bells on the calendar. I’d tell you if there was!” he said.

Miley, 23, and Liam, 26, seemingly confessed love for each other on their Instagram accounts. On Sunday, Miley posted Liam and their pet dog’s photo — first since the couple rekindled their romance. She captioned it: “So much love in one pic....”

The next day, Liam shared a picture of Miley and his pet pig on Instagram. “Just another day at the office,” he captioned the photo Miley wearing bright red shorts and matching top in the background.