Miley Cyrus, who has recently been surrounded with rumors that she is pregnant with Liam Hemsworth's baby and a wedding is expected this summer, was spotted Sunday wearing loose clothes during her lunch date in Nobu Malibu with her rumored fiancé. The outing was on the same day the "Wrecking Ball" singer's photo with her new tattoo, which many believe was for Hemsworth, was shared online.

Cyrus was pictured wearing an oversized jean jacket that had emoticons and patterns on it along with baggy high-water jeans and a green crop-top, Daily Mail reported. However, the 23-year-old's long sleeves concealed the ring that she has been donning on her ring finger since rekindling her romance with "The Hunger Games" star in December 2015. The ring is the same sparkler that Hemsworth gave Cyrus during their engagement in 2012, following which the two ended their romance.

On Sunday, Hemsworth stepped out in casual t-shirt and shorts, showing off a bearded look.

Since the two got back with each other, several rumors about their engagement and wedding surfaced. Some reports also claimed recently that the couple had once again broken up. Cheating and pregnancy rumors also made the rounds.

However, Cyrus and Hemsworth's time together in Malibu during the Fourth of July weekend quashed rumors about their split. But pregnancy rumor resurfaced after the 23-year-old was seen holding a knapsack in front of her while walking. OK! magazine reported that Cyrus was “caught covering her mid-section with a backpack,” speculating she was pregnant.

After sharing a photo of herself wearing a shirt with the Australian actor’s last name on the back last month, Cyrus has now been speculated to have made a tattoo of a jar of Vegemite on her arm dedicated to her boyfriend. Vegemite is a spread made from leftover brewers’ yeast extract with vegetable and spice additives from Australia, indulged by Hemsworth on a daily basis.

While reports about Cyrus' wedding and pregnancy surface, Radar Online reported last week that the singer is having "second thoughts."

“The wedding is going as planned and will be happening soon,” a source close to Cyrus told Radar Online. “But Miley is getting really, really antsy.” The source said that the two "are not seeing eye-to-eye on things right now and she is starting to realize that she could be living a lie for the rest of her life!”