Miley Cyrus might have grown up as a Disney star but, in her new role as a rebellious teen in the flick LOL, Cyrus shows a decidedly more grown-up side during a steamy sex scene.

Miley Cyrus stars as Lola in a film about the pressures of high school and romance during the YouTube, iTunes and Facebook era. Demi Moore plays Cyrus' overbearing mother.

In a newly released clip, Moore finds Cyrus' diary. Inside is taped a condom wrapper and a written revelation that Cryus had had sex with her boyfriend. In the same diary is a photo of her kissing another girl in a photo booth. The montage includes shots of Cryus and her on-screen boyfriend, actor Douglas Booth, in bed together.

Miley Cyrus has certainly been feeling her oats as of late. The 19-year-old star was recently photographed licking a giant cake shaped like a penis at boyfriend Liam Hemsworth's twenty-second birthday party. TMZ obtained the photos, which quickly spread around the Internet like wildfire.

Guests at the party said Cyrus was drinking copious amounts of alcohol and partying hard throughout the night, even though she is still two years under the legal drinking age.

She also recently dropped $127,000 for an SL550 Mercedes convertible. The millionaire teen paid for her new set of wheels upfront and in cash.

Check out the scene from Miley Cyrus' upcoming film LOL.