Miley Cyrus’ recent behavior, which includes her disturbing performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, or VMAs, might be an indication that she is suffering from mood or personality disorders, according to Nicole Knepper, a licensed counselor.

Soon after the VMAs, Knepper wrote in a blog post titled “Can't or won't stop? Is Miley Cyrus mentally ill?” that Cyrus’ behavior is a cause for concern as it is not normal. While Knepper does not directly imply that Cyrus is suffering from mental illness, she points out that Cyrus’ behavior cannot be considered normal even for a celebrity.

“For some time now, her behavior has given me the Uh-ohs, but more recently, her hyper-sexuality, lack of impulse control and boundaries, rapid mood swings, admitted drug use, compulsive tweeting and spending, extreme displays of irritability and argumentative behavior, difficulty sleeping, and hoarding of animals, all documented on Twitter by Miley herself for her over 13 million followers, are not just typical adolescent behaviors,” Knepper wrote.

In an interview with Radar Online, Knepper added that among all the young celebrities on Twitter, Selena Gomez is the only one who could be called a healthy celebrity.

“If you put them in a curve, Selena Gomez might be in the middle...Miley’s right at the end, the edge of the curve. Amanda Bynes, she’s outside of it,” Knepper said.

According to reports, Cyrus’ extreme behavior contributed to her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, pulling the plug on their relationship. On Monday, representatives of both Cyrus and Hemsworth confirmed to the media that they broke off their engagement and ended the relationship.

Friction between the two reportedly began when Cyrus chopped off her hair and started dressing in a provocative fashion. And, the nail in the coffin was her recent VMAs performance with Robin Thicke.

“That was all he needed to finally break up with Miley once and for all. He was embarrassed, disgusted and mortified by her performance,” a source told Radar Online.