Miley Cyrus posted photos of herself with a friend while flaunting a ring on her finger yet again, despite reports suggesting that the “Wrecking Ball” singer is facing issues with her rumored fiancé Liam Hemsworth. Cyrus was seen in one of the photos with a cigarette in her hand, even though earlier reports said that Hemsworth was furious with her because of her addiction to marijuana.

In the photo, Cyrus was seen wearing a black top and jeans while posing for a selfie with a friend. Posing in front of a mirror, the 23-year-old held a cigarette in one hand and clicked the photo with the other hand.


Ladies who match and are stuck in the 90zzzz @jesse.light

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Hemsworth had told Cyrus to stop using marijuana excessively because the habit was driving him “crazy,” Hollywood Life reported last week. The report also said, citing a source, that the “Hunger Games” actor may end his relationship with Cyrus if she did not give up her addiction. A source also told the gossip website that their relationship “is definitely strained right now.”

A report by InTouch Weekly said, citing a source: “They recently had a huge fight. Liam told Miley he wants her to quit pot,” adding that “every day Liam comes home and the entire house reeks of weed,” making him “so annoyed.”

Cyrus has been making huge changes to her lifestyle to keep Hemsworth happy, according to reports. Rumors also said that Cyrus was facing issues with the 26-year-old actor over the signing of a $176 million prenuptial agreement.

Meanwhile, Cyrus was also slammed by fans for posting a raunchy picture of Jodie Sweetin from “Fuller House” on her Instagram page, though a report by Hollywood Life said Sunday that she felt sorry about it. The post shows Sweetin sitting on the lap of a man and is believed to have been taken from the time when the actress, who plays Stephanie Tanner on the show, was batting with substance abuse issues. Fans also accused Cyrus of cyberbullying and supported Sweetin for getting over her addiction issues.


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“Miley didn’t mean to cause any harm with her Jodie Sweetin post, she was just having a bit of fun,” a source told Hollywood Life, adding: “She sexualizes everything, and she wasn’t poking fun at Jodie’s drug use or anything like that. Miley’s actually been watching the new Fuller House, so that’s what made her think of it. She didn’t feel it was inappropriate. She actually felt that Jodie was showing off her sexier side in the pics being normally so wholesome in the show.”

The source also said: “There was no malice behind it, nor does she want to create a feud,” adding: “She would never poke fun at someone’s addiction problems or substance abuse.”