Miley Cyrus pulled double duty on Saturday, hosting and performing on “Saturday Night Live.”

Cyrus’s "SNL" appearance came at a very interesting time for the 20-year-old. For starters, people are still talking about her raunchy “MTV Video Music Award” performance with Robin Thicke in late August. Following her performance, the singer was in the news for ending her engagement to “Hunger Games” star Liam Hemsworth, and recently found herself in a highly publicized fight with Sinead O’Connor.

While the opening skit of “SNL” did have the “Wrecking Ball” singer back in her infamous teddy bear onesie, she made sure to clear a couple things up in her opening monologue before the show went any further.

“There’s a few subjects we’re not going to get into tonight,” Miley stated to the audience. “I’m not going to do Hannah Montana, but I can give you an update on what she’s been up to – she’s been murdered.”

Unfortunately the big revelation that her former Disney persona, Hannah Montana, has been murdered didn’t come as much of a surprise. Instead viewers were more shocked at how the singer broke the devastating news with a straight face.

Hannah Montana’s death has been highly speculated for a while now. Fans began to fear for the fake pop star’s life in June 2010 when Miley released her song “Can’t Be Tamed.” But Hannah Montana death rumors really hit in August 2012 when Miley chopped off all her hair.

The murder of Hannah Montana was unofficially confirmed twice this week. The first when Cyrus stepped out in New York City wearing a “You C*nt” shirt [click HERE for photo] which is speculated to have been aimed at Sinead O’Connor. The second unofficial confirmation of Hannah Montana’s death came via photographer Terry Richardson who took pictures of the 20-year-old in compromising situations like:

-Topless [NSFW PHOTO]

-In fishnet stocking with no underwear on [NSFW PHOTO]

-Braless in a clear shirt [NSFW PHOTO]

-In a very, VERY revealing one piece [NSFW PHOTO]

-Grabbing her crotch [NSFW PHOTO]

While it’s definitely amusing to think of all the ways that Miley Cyrus murdered her old clean character through her recent actions, the singer actually gave a real answer about Hannah Montana in the new documentary, “Miley: The Movement.”

“I just needed to let go of the past in a way so I felt like I could be the bad b*tch I am today,” she explained.