Team News: Gabriel Milito is Barcelona's only injury concern and Pep Guardiola has an otherwise fully-fit squad. However, Mourinho has Kaka and Fernando Gago out injured, but is boosted by the recoveries of Ricardo Carvalho, Khedira and Higuain from their respective injuries.


Line Ups: Victor Valdés,Gerard Piqué,Carles Puyol,Eric Abidal,Dani Alves,Sergio Busquets,Andrés,Iniesta,Xavi
Pedro,David Villa and Lionel Messi

Subs: Seydou Keita, José Manuel Pinto, Javier Mascherano, Adriano, Maxwell, Bojan Krkic and Jeffrén Suárez

Real Madrid

Line Ups: Iker Casillas, Ricardo Carvalho, Pepe, Marcelo, Sergio Ramos, Xabi Alonso, Sami Khedira, Karim Benzema, Mesut Özil, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ángel Di María

Subs: Jerzy Dudek, Mahamadou Diarra, Raúl Albiol, Álvaro Arbeloa, Gonzalo Higuaín, Lassana Diarra and Pedro León

1 Min: IBTimes - The players are walking out, and the 99,000 capacity- crowd erupts in the Barca anthem. The players look nervous, but there is no mistaking how proud they are to play in this fixture. Despite the world class talent all over the field, the eyes will be on Messi and Ronaldo - the two best players in the planet at the moment.

4 Min: IBTimes - And we're off as Real Madrid kick-off. And the whistle blows off early as Cristiano Ronaldo is fouled near the touch-line. Barca have the ball now and the defence hits a long ball forward trying to find Villa behind Pepe. But the Brazilian heads away. Barca get back on the ball and try to price through a pass for Villa, but is again intercepted by Carvalho this time. Barca looking to pressurize high up.

6 Min: IBTimes - The whites see the ball as Ozil spreads wide for CR9. The Portuguese winger does a couple of trademark step-overs before crossing, but it is comfortably gathered by Valdes who hurts himself in the process after his head clashes with his defender, Pique's knee. He is back on his feet and the game goes on.

9 Min: IBTimes - Barca win the first corner of the game after wrestling and pressurizing Di Maria high up the Madrid defence. The corner is cleared but the rebound falls Messi who won't come closer than that. He lobbed the ball to the far post but it hit the post and fell the wrong side of goal, Xabi Alonso was there to hack it away. But Xavi gathers and his 20 yard shot goes out off the feet of Carvalho for another Barca corner. This time, it's cleared.

11 Min: IBTimes: And Madrid attack at the other end with Cristiano Ronaldo again finding the ball down the right. His sex-seven step overs fail to deceive Puyol though and he has to switch play to Di Maria down the left. However, his attempt is blocked and Barca counter. The Catalans look dangerous every time they attack, or is the Madrid defence looking shaky with each Barca attack? Point being, Barca look more threatening as of now.

GOAL! Barcelona 1-0!! XAVI!

13 Min: IBTimes - 10 minutes in, it has been all Barca and they deservedly lead. And the Spanish pair of Iniesta and Xavi are involved. Iniesta cuts down the left and hits a ground ball with pace into the box, to Xavi who beat the offside trap. He had a bit of luck controling the ball as it hit a defender and was in the air. Xavi was quick to spot it and he touched it past Casillas into the goal! 1-0 and a deserved goal!

14 Min: IBTimes - Madrid win their first corner after a 30 yard shot from Di Maria is hacked away by Valdes.

16 Min: IBTimes - Comes to nothing though, as it fails to clear the first man. What an opening to the game! It has been explosive as predicted. Guardiola had said he wouldn't alter his team's strategy and that is exactly what has happened with Barca doing all the attacking. Whenvever they have the ball, they threaten the Madrid rearguard.

18 Min: IBTimes -15 minutes into the game, Barca have enjoyed a stunning 75% possession with more than 2/3 of play happening near the Madrid defence.

19 Min: IBTimes - GOAL! 2-0 BARCELONA! PEDRO!

21 Min: IBTimes - Two goals inside 18 minutes. Jose Mourinho look stunned. The hard work was all down by Villa down the left as Xavi finds him with a long ball. The Spanish forward races into the box from near the touchline and tries to lay across goal. Iker Casillas can only parry the cross away as Pedro is in the right place, ahead of Marcelo, to tap into an empty net.

24  Min: IBTimes - It is the worst possible start for Real Madrid. They had only conceded 6 goals in the La Liga going into this game. They have already conceded two here. However, if any team can peg Barca back from 2-0 down, it is this Real Madrid side. And as Mourinho sneers at the touch line, we can barely imagine what is going through that man's mind.

26 Min: IBTimes - Barca win another corner as Pedro's cross from the right is flicked out by Ramos, as Villa lurked at the far post. The corner comes to nothing, but Madrid's defence is in shambles, and it is not often you get to say that.

28 Min: IBTimes - Whenever Madrid win the ball, they try to rush things and end making a mis-placed pass or a loose receiving touch. Being 2-0 down is unnatural to them, and the way they react will shape the result of the game.

29  Min: IBTimes - Casillas is furious with his defence as Pedro races clear one-on-one against the Madrid skipper. He does well to block the shot, but the Madrid players shout at the linesman claiming Pedro was offside.

32 Min: IBTimes - Barca slow things down now as they pass around amongst their defence, occasionally trying to open the Madrid defence with a long ball to Pedro or Villa on either wings.

35 Min: IBTimes - Ugly scenes at the game as something Ronaldo wanted to take the ball from Guardiola but was refused. Ronaldo slightly pushes the Barca coach and suddenly Iniesta is pushing Ronaldo around. Soon all the 23 players are there as Valdes rushes from his goal line to have a go at Ronaldo. Valdes and Ronaldo get carded as things are calmed down. But you can be sure things will turn ugly again. It's a derby for a reason.

35 Min: IBTimes - David Villa goes into the book too as he comes in late of Khedira. It's a free kick from 45 yards out. But with Cristiano Ronaldo lining it up, it could go in.

35 Min: IBTimes - He hits the ball well, curving just fractions wide of Valdes' right. However, there is touch from the wall and it's a corner. Nothing comes of it as Barca counter with Messi rushing through the middle only to be tugged back for a foul at the other end. Barca take the free kick quickly.

35 Min: IBTimes - Di Maria cuts a cross back for Ozil, but before the German could bring it under control, Puyol challenges him and it's a Madrid corner. It comes to nothing, but Madrid grab the clearance down the left and Di Maria's cross is again cleared, this time deep into the Madrid half.

42 Min: IBTimes - Still five minutes to go in this first half, as Messi, who has been relatively quite so far in the game, tries to power in from distance. It sails far and wide, but good to see the little guy getting into his stride.

45 Min: IBTimes - And Messi again, from a Barca counter, rushes down the left racing towards the box. But Pepe reads it well and comes in just at the right time to take the ball away from the Argentine's feet. Messi looks appealing at the ref, but all he gets is a wry smile.

48 Min: IBTimes - Ugly scenes again unfolds as Carvalho seems to have elbowed Messi on the face. As replays show, it wasn't much of an elbow, but Messi dives to the floor, quite a delayed reaction, trying to get Carvalho carded. However, the linesman spotted the whole incident, and the ref puts Messi into the book.

49 Min: IBTimes - 2 minutes of added time ends and it's half-time at the Nou Camp. It has been all Barcelona. At half-time it is Barcelone 2-0 Real Madrid.

Half Time: Wrap - Well, it was as exciting as it promised to be. However, it's all thanks to Barca. They have been absolutely brilliant this first half, and early goals from Xavi and Pedro sends the Catalans into half-time two ahead. However, Madrid haven't been impressive in the first half and Mourinho has some work to do before sending his team out for the second half. It was all too easy for Barca to pass through, and they could have had a couple more goals as the game wore on. As with all derbies, the Classico has had it's share of ugly scenes with Ronaldo and Messi involved in the two incidents. It all makes for a brilliant second half, and i need a cuppa before i can go on. See you all in 10, and gear up for another thrilling half.

64 Min: IBTimes - And the players are back on the field. Real have made one change at half-time. Mourinho's brought on.Lassana Diarra for Mesut Ozil.

And Barca kick-off the second half, with Madrid going from left to right.

66 Min: IBTimes - Barca enjoyed over 60% of possession in that first half where they dominated the mid-field. Diarra has been brought on to curb that Barca midfield.

68 Min: IBTimes - Villa almost scored there, much thanks to Messi. The Argentine embarked on one of his trademark runs going upto the edge of the area before shooting. The shot was blocked by a combination of Casillas and Pepe, and the ball broke to Villa on the left with an empty net inviting him to shoot. However, Pepe defended impressively, sliding across to block his shot. Good defending.

68 Min: IBTimes - Xabi Alonso takes Sergio Busquets legs off with a late challenge, and he goes into the book. No complaints from the Spaniard.

70 Min: IBTimes - Xavi almost scored again, as Messi again runs with the ball across the field before slipping through for Xavi to run on to. However,the Spaniard's first shot is blocked by his international team-mate Casillas, while he shot the rebound off balance into the side-netting.

73 Min: IBTimes - Madrid are keeping the ball better in the second half, but they haven't been able to get near the Barca box. Barca, on the other hand, look dangerous on the counter, specially with Real's rear-guard maintaining a shaky line high up.

74 Min: IBTimes - GOAL! 3-0 BARCELONA! VILLA!

76 Min: IBTimes - Messi has come more into the game in the second half, and he grabs the assist for Barca's third goal. Receiving the ball from the right, the little Argentine runs across field before slipping through for Villa, who was just about onside, to run onto. The Spanish striker shoots into the far post to make it three.

76 Min: IBTimes - GOAL! 4-0 BARCELONA! VILLA!

80 Min: IBTimes - Real Madrid substitution - Arbeloa In, Marcelo Out.

80 Min: IBTimes - 61 minutes in, Barca are ruthless as they pass their way around Madrid as though the whites weren't even there. Madrid haven't been able to get enough of the ball to try and get one back.

84 Min: IBTimes - Messi is fouled wide right and Barca take the free kick short, before passing it all the way back to Puyol. They are determined not to let Madrid touch the ball except for picking it up from inside their net.

87 Min: IBTimes - Barca just content to keep the ball. Their really getting into their groove now, with some sublime flicks, touches and passes all over. This is truly 'total football'.

91 Min: IBTimes - As this heads into Jose Mourinho's first defeat as manager of Real Madrid, what is certain is that Barca know their football. Each player knows what he ought to do, and what his team mate will do. Their passing is almost telepathic, and Madrid, for all their flair so far this season, are nowhere near this Barca side today.

92 Min: IBTimes - Frustration is evident among the Real Madrid players as Carvalho and Ramos gets booked within minutes. Carvalho for a deliberate hand ball, while Ramos for coming in late on Villa.

94 Min: IBTimes - Khedira is the latest Madrid player to get book, the 9th player, after he clattered into Iniesta knocking him down.

95 Min: IBTimes - And the goal scorer Villa is substituted for Bojan Krikic as the Nou Camp gives the Spaniard a standing ovation for his two goals.

97 Min: IBTimes - It's barely a minute since Bojan's comes on and he aleady blisters Casillas' fingers after a Barca attack in numbers slipped him just inside the box.

99 Min: IBTimes - 10 minutes remaining, but the game was over within an hour from it's start. Barca fully deserving this win after a masterclass performance.

101 Min: IBTimes - Madrid win a corner after a cross from the left is blocked. The set piece is hurtled towards Ramos but is fisted away by Valdes. Madrid pick it up again, but cant make much of their rare possession as the cross from the right sails wide.

103 Min: IBTimes - Oh, and the personal battle between Messi and Ronaldo, i, with my limited knowledge of football, think Messi has won that particular battle today. He has been brilliant this second half while Ronaldo hasn't been seen with ball so far.

106 Min: IBTimes - With just four minutes remaining, the person who started the scoring - Xavi- is substituted to a standing ovation as Keita comes on to replace the maestro.

Barca - Pedro Off, Jeffren In.

108 Min: IBTimes - Ronaldo mis-controls the ball and Nou Camp erupts in boos and jeers. They absolutely hate him, and more so after his push on Guardiola.

110 Min: IBTimes - GOAL! 5-0 BARCELONA! JEFFREN!

113 Min: IBTimes - And it is humiliation for Madrid, as Jeffren runs to the dug out to celebrate with his coach, as the whole Barca team piles on one top of one another. Good work from Bojan down the right and a cross which was easy for Jeffren to tap in.

114 Min: IBTimes - The goal is followed by ugly scenes as Ramos loses his head. He comes in real late on Messi, flaring tempers. All 23 players rush together as Ramos pushes away Spanish team mates Puyol and Xavi as he walked by with a red card.

Full time! Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid!

Full Time: Wrap - Well, that was that. Nothing but humiliation for Real Madrid. I don't think a Mourinho team has ever lost by such a heavy margin, and in such a manner. However, all credit t Barca and Pep Guardiola. Messi was just brilliant in the second setting up both Villa goals, while Jefferen wrapped matters with the fifth goal. However, it was not just the goals, it was the manner in which Barca played. They just kept the ball and passed around, playing their natural game. Madrid looked clueless. It isn't the end of the season for them though, and the title can still go either way. Barca hold the advantage for now with a 2 point lead. Madrid will bounce back, that's for sure. But it will be a day to remember at Barcelona today and they will celebrate this victory like no other. They have secured the bagging rights till the next Classico. That is all from us at IBTimes. It was a pleasure reporting the greatest football match in the world. Tune in to our website - - for the latest on sports. Till the next time, cheers and have a good day.


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