South Africa needs to adress uncertainties including allocation of mineral rights and ownership which are impeding growth in the mining sector, the National Planning Commission said on Friday.

Headed by former finance minister Trevor Manuel, the NPC released a 20-year plan to reduce poverty and create jobs in Africa's largest economy.

Investment in mining has fallen in the past two years, with investors unsettled by calls from radical elements of the ruling African National Congress to nationalise mines.

Ownership of property is bedrock of a thriving economy, said Cyril Ramaphosa, an influential politician-turned-businessman who is a member of the NPC.

Issues of nationalisation will continue to be debated ... but in the end we would like to see more certainty on this issue of property ownership.

The NPC is an advisory to President Jacob Zuma and has no policy making powers. Its proposals will be discussed before a final plan is released.