Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton wants the state legislature to hold a special session on Nov. 21 to discuss building a new stadium for the Vikings, Minnpost.com reported--no word yet of he also wants to push legislation requiring Vikings head coach Leslie Frasier to start rookie quarterback Christian Ponder.

State House speaker Kurt Zellers, though, can't see the state paying for a new stadium to replace the Metrodome, which the Vikings have called home since 1982.

The state of Minnesota writing out a check for $300 million, I don't think you have heard anyone saying that is a good idea, Zellers said according to the same article.

The propsed $300 million is part of a plan by the Vikings to build a $1.1 billion dollar stadium in a suburb outside of the Twin Cities, according to Reuters.

Reuters also reported the Vikings lease is up at the end of this season, and the team wouldn't resign without a firm plan to build a new stadium.