Red and white polka dots were so last season, anyway.

Minnie Mouse, everyone’s favorite Disney sweetheart, has gotten a makeover thanks to Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz with a fashionable designer dress for the first time ever.

Unveiled at a catwalk show on Saturday in Disneyland Paris, Lanvin and Disney teamed up for the first time to create a royal blue jeweled dress specially designed for Minnie Mouse.

"Walt Disney was the one that actually designed Minnie. It's the first time an actual designer has come into the picture and designed a dress for her," Lanvin's creative director Alber Elbaz said after the show. "It was a great challenge and responsibility to do. I just wanted her to shine... I wanted to give her a crown in red, and the dress in blue, (a signature) for Lanvin.”

However, not everyone is happy that Minnie Mouse ditched her signature bow headband for a crown and the glitzy dress. But thankfully, Disney’s favorite female rodent will keep her polka dotted dress which was created for her in 1928. The Associated Press called the makeover simply Minnie Mouse just “growing up and moving on,” though the Lanvin dress will be reserved for “special Paris events.”

Minnie’s latest makeover is a far cry from the chic makeover announced back in October, in which Barneys New York released a campaign showing a thin Minnie in sexy duds. The Barneys campaign, called “Electric Holiday” but nicknamed “skinny Minnie,” featured Minnie, amongst other beloved Disney characters, as runway models wearing sexier-than-usual outfits. In the one-time holiday ad campaign, Minnie is depicted as being at 5’11’ and a size 0, wearing a hot-pink Lanvin dress. The change in Minnie’s proportions was conceived after Barneys executives believed Minnie’s quintessential form would “not look so good in a Lanvin dress.”

Barneys and Walt Disney, which caught a lot of flak for the makeover thanks to a petition on, addressed concerns saying it wasn’t trying to change its iconic female mouse, but rather send her off to a fantasy land in the high fashion world full of empowerment.

“This one-time holiday project was designed to be a playful interpretation of the high-fashion world where Minnie briefly imagines what it would be like if she and her friends were a part of it,” a post on the Disney website said. “The images shown during the brief dream sequence in the animated short are highly stylized interpretations of these artistic characters. In the end, the short concludes with Minnie back to her classic self, happily wearing a Lanvin designer dress.”

For many fans and designer Elbaz, this latest makeover did not near the level of controversy since Minnie Mouse kept her full hourglass shape.

"We're not here to transform people," Elbaz said. "We love her the way she is."