Fox is kicking off its fall TV lineup Monday night with the highly buzzed about drama "Minority Report," starring Meagan Good and Wilmer Valderrama. The show will follow Good's character, a police officer named Lara Vega, who will do whatever it takes to stop people from committing crimes before they actually happen. 

Check out seven things you should know about "Minority Report," before its Sept. 21 premiere: 

1. "Minority Report" Is A Sequel To Tom Cruise's 2002 Movie With The Same Name

In the Steven Spielberg-directed film, which starred Tom Cruise as the lead police officer, cops worked at a law enforcement agency called PreCrime, which specialized in identifying criminals and stopping them before they actually committed the crimes. The officers were able to identify these future crimes by using three psychic precogs: Agatha, Dash and Arthur. 

In the Fox series, set in Washington in the year 2065, a lot has changed and PreCrime no longer exists. Officers now use advanced technology to predict crimes. 

2. References To The Original "Minority Report”

Deadline reported Daniel London is slated to reprise his role as Wally, the precog caretaker in the film. However, since precogs are no longer used to stop crimes, Wally helps Dash (Stark Sands) establish a new identity once he comes out of hiding. Reportedly, there will be two more film characters brought back for the TV series. 

3. Dash Is Still Haunted By His Psychic Visions 

Dash, played by Sands, can't seem to move on with his life since getting released from PreCrime. In a video teaser on NBC's website, Sands reveals his character can still see the future and wants to help stop crimes. In the premiere episode, he secretly teams up with officer Vega but realizes he can’t fully access his gift without his twin brother Arthur (Nick Zano). 

 4. Arthur Has Been Living In The City For A While. 

Once the precogs were released from PreCrime, they moved to a quiet island away from society. However, Arthur left the island and has been living in Washington for a few years. Showrunner Kevin Falls teased in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter that Arthur has become more "street smart" since coming out of hiding and he could have a slight dark side. "[He] used his precognitive ability for his own personal gain," Falls said. "He’s not an evil twin. … Arthur has been out there more, he’s a little more street smart.”

5. Agatha Has Become A Recluse 

Agatha (Laura Regan) was probably affected the most by her old life as a precog and has become a shut-in since leaving PreCrime. Regan told Buddy TV her character doesn't trust anyone and wants to stay away from society, but with her brothers moving to the city she may be thrust back into her old life. “What that does to her is kind of an interesting question," Regan said. "She’s definitely not trusting of people, so will that make her more calculating, will she be bitter about it? Where will it take her?

6. Wilmer Valderrama’s Character  

Wilmer Valderrama teased his character, Will Blake, may have dated Lara Vega but now that he's her boss it could lead to a little tension. “Them together are brilliant, they’re almost a perfect cop together," Valderrama told Buddy TV. "He is very by the book. He believes in the program, believes in the system.” Will and Lara bump heads because Valderrama’s character knows his colleague is using an informant to help her solve crimes. 

7. Sneak Peek Videos

Check out a few clips from this season of "Minority Report" below:

“Minority Report” premieres Monday, Sept. 21 on Fox at 9 p.m. EDT.