Lisa Irwin, the 10-month-old baby whose disappearance has mystified a nation for more than a month, would have celebrated her first birthday on Nov. 11. According to Lisa's parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, their daughter was abducted from her crib on Oct. 4.

In a sad twist though, fresh rumors surrounding the case suggest that Lisa Irwin may have been the victim of methane addicts in need of a quick fix.

The above rumors came to light when authorities questioned Megan Wright, who lives a mile away from the Bradley home. Wright is also the ex-girlfriend of neighborhood repairman John Tanko, who has a criminal history and was frequently questioned by the police in this case.

The night of Lisa Irwin's alleged disappearance, someone apparently tried to use Bradley's mobile phone to call a woman; it was later discovered that the unidentified woman was, in fact, Wright. Investigators examined Bradley's mobile phone after Lisa was declared missing and that was when they found the call. According to reports, Wright received a call that lasted for 50 seconds.

I don't know what was said, or who called, or who answered my phone, Wright said to KCTV5.

The fact that both Wright and Tanko have connections to drug abuse has led several people to question their connection with Lisa Irwin's disappearance. Local Kansas City private investigator, Ron Rugen questioned Wright on her residence and the possibility of it being a flop house.

It wasn't a flop house as it was said to be on Fox, Wright told Rugen, It's very tough to see the house presented that way, because it's not the case. The people are wonderful and caring and considerate and as nice as could be. Just because they helped out friends doesn't make them drug users or anything else that was said in that report.

As far as the mystery phone call was concerned, Wright adds that she did not have her phone with her and so had no idea of anything that may have happened.

I do believe that he had my phone all night. But other than that, I'm not sure. Just because he had my phone doesn't make him guilty of anything, Wright wrote on Facebook.

In addition, Wright also told Jane Velez-Mitchell, a talk show host on HLN, that Tanko (her ex-boyfriend) would disappear for hours without explanation.

Towards the last couple of days I was actually fearful being around him, she added.

Authorities said that Tanko was co-operating with the investigation and is currently behind the bars for an unrelated theft.