The parents of missing baby Lisa Irwin have allowed police to search their home for weeks hoping to locate their missing child, but on Wednesday the police carried out a search of a different kind. Armed with shovels, tools and machines, they submitted a fully warranted search.

Their findings, however, are yet to be revealed. 

To obtain a search warrant from a judge, police would  usually need to have new information, according to Brad Garrett, an ABC News consultant and former FBI special agent. In the case of missing baby Lisa Irwin, however, that information is being kept from both the family and the public. On Wednesday, police officials and forensic experts carried out their first search when baby Lisa's parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, were not present in the house.

According to Garrett, the police could have potentially found a physical piece of evidence or a tip to be able to obtain a search warrant.  They have been searching for the 11-month-old baby since Oct. 3, the day her parents claim she was snatched from her crib in the middle of the night. Irwin told officials that he came home from work at 4am to an open door and window, before he realized baby Lisa was missing from her crib.

On Wednesday Police and FBI agents were seen digging behind a shed in the family's yard and carrying potential evidence in clear and brown paper bags.  A bomb and arson truck was also seen in front of the house and X-ray technology was used to scan solid objects.

As the investigation progresses, I'm sure we continue to develop information that causes us to take different and new action, Kansas City Police Department Officer Capt, Steve Young, told ABC news.

No real suspects have been identified - though tips related to the case have summed up to 550, all cleared by the police. If the baby was snatched by a stranger, many experts believe the likelihood of her still being alive to be very high,  for such an act is usually done in an aim to claim the reward money, which in the case of baby Lisa climbed up to $100,000. 

Suspicions have escalated, however, toward her parents in coming weeks. The police have complained about the lack of their cooperation, and, according to ABC news, the couple have not submitted to interviews with the police for the past 10 days.

The most recent development was when the baby's mother admitted to being drunk on the night her baby went missing. She was caught on CCTV camera buying alcohol from the grocery store, which she later announced she has consumed the night of the alleged kidnapping.

There are things the detectives need to flesh out with the parents that only they would know and we no longer have that opportunity to sit down with them, Young said. We have not had an unrestricted conversation since Oct. 8th.

So far, there have been no signs of a continued search on Thursday.