Private security consultant Bill Stanton told Fox News on Wednesday that a wealthy family hired him to investigate the case of missing baby Lisa Irwin. The 10-month-old Missouri girl has been missing for more than two weeks.

Stanton didn't tell Fox News who hired him.

Lisa Irwin's parents Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin reported their daughter missing from their Kansas City home Oct. 4. They said Lisa Irwin was abducted from the family home and found that she was gone when the dad returned home from working the night shift.

A spokesman for the Irwin family said Stanton will also work with media covering the investigation.

Kansas City police, armed with shovels, rakes and other tools, on Wednesday conducted a search of the family's home. MSNBC said they left with bags that seem to be full of potential evidence. Police didn't say what they found, and whether they were found inside or outside the home.

MSNBC reported that officers went to the back of the home with shovels, rakes and a ladder and were seen digging behind a shed in the yard.

Sgt. Stacey Graves with the Kansas City Police Department has told Fox News that investigators were following up on more leads on Wednesday. 

Kansas City police has denied a claim that Bradley is preparing to be arrested and charged in connection with Lisa Irwin's disappearance. But the missing baby girl's aunt has told ABC News that it was inevitable that Bradley would be arrested because police were focusing on the family, rather than finding suspects.

Police said they still have no suspects and are continuing the investigation until Lisa is found.