After a massive search, police found the dismembered body of an 8-year old Brooklyn boy who had been missing since Monday.

The remains of Leibby Kletzky, a Hasidic Jewish boy, were found in two separate places - a Brooklyn apartment and a trash bin - after apparently having been dismembered.

NYPD is questioning a man in connection with the boy's death.

Leibby left Boyan Day Camp on 44th Street and 12th Avenue in Borough Park around 5 p.m. Monday, with plans to meet his mother.  But surveillance video shows that he was later at 44th Street and 15th Avenue, which was not part of the route he would have taken to meet his mother.

The surveillance video also shows the boy with an unidentified man, possibly getting into the man's car.

The suspect being questioned is a 35-year old man who lives in the apartment where some of the boy's remains were found. It is unclear if he is the same man seen with Leibby Kletzky on the surveillance video.

The Borough Park area of Brooklyn has a strong Hasidic Jewish population. Orthodox and Hasidic Jews tend to live in concentrated communities, in part because Shabbos - which is celebrated on Saturday - prevents the operation of any electronics or machinery.

Instances of violence and murder within Hasidic communities are extremely rare. The man being questioned has no criminal record except for one instance of public urination.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who helped head up the search for Leibby, spoke to NY1 about the horrifying tragedy.

It's something that I, like every school parent would think today, how could something like this happen? How is it possible that someone could take a nine-year-old, a little boy, an innocent little boy, and do what he did to this little child? Hikind said. People are out here in the streets where the family is. I met with the family many times yesterday and just tried to give them strength and hope that things will turn out well. Oh my god, oh my god.