A Missouri man has been sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for keeping a woman as his sex slave.

As CNN reports, a judge accepted a plea agreement from Edward Bagley Sr. on Wednesday morning. The 46-year-old initially faced 11 charges accusing him of holding an underage girl as a sex slave and subjecting her to various forms of torture, mutilation and degradation. In January, he pled guilty to one of the charges, avoiding a possible life sentence.

"Even though Ed pleaded guilty, he still hasn't told the truth," the unidentified victim, known only as FV, said in court, according to the Associated Press.

Bagley and his wife, Marilyn, allegedly held the girl captive at their trailer home in Lebanon, Mo. from December 2002 until February 2009, CNN said. Bagley forced her to sign a contract which he said made her his sex slave for life.

During the ordeal, the victim was subjected to electrocution, forced drug use, water-boarding, beatings and body mutilations including having body parts nailed to wooden planks, The Pitch reported.

"In or about December 2002, [Bagley] invited FV, a 16-year-old minor, who grew up in foster care homes, into his residence after she ran away from home and promised her 'a great life,' including, but not limited to, making her a model and a dancer, and 'making her dreams come true,'" the indictment read, according to CNN.

"[Bagley] advertised and publicized FV over the Internet and in live web cam sessions as his slave who would engage in sexual acts and could be tortured during live online sessions, or in person," the indictment continued.

"I had no idea he was going to make it an every-single-night thing," the victim said in court. "It started bad and got worse and worse."

According to CNN, Bagley also performed abortions on her using "vacuums and clothing hangers.”

The female victim finally escaped in February 2009 when she was hospitalized after a torture session, the AP said.

Bagley’s wife, Marilyn, and two other defendants, Michael Stokes and James Noel, are scheduled to be sentenced on Thursday. Another defendant, Bradley Cook, also received a 20-year sentence. The final defendant, Dennis Henry, pled guilty to sex trafficking and transporting the victim across state lines for the purpose of sex, the AP reported. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.