Well, that’s awkward. That’s how we felt when “Mistresses” kicked off episode 7, titled “The Best Laid Plans,” with Harry (Brett Tucker) waking up next to the evil bartender Niko (Emmanuelle Vaugier). Seriously, Harry? She’s your rebound from Joss (Jes Macallan)?

According to the villainous mixologist, she only slept with the chef to “rattle” Ellis (Kavan Smith) -- her boyfriend. Apparently the slimy business owner was paying too much attention to his wife, which led the jealous mistress into the arms of someone Ellis was threatened by: Harry.

Harry begs Niko not to tell anyone about their one night stand but the shifty barkeeper says it’s out of her hands. But thanks to karma, Niko’s devious plot backfires, resulting in her transfer from Wunderbar. This, however, worries Harry. Could he be transferred next?

Mark (Rob Mayes) advises Harry that to make himself an essential component to the business, he’ll have to hire himself a manager – one that could turn his name into a household one. So, Mark introduces Harry to a savvy communication specialist.

“So, besides being gorgeous – what’s your thing?” she asks him. But he doesn't know. Marc (who we’re starting to like more and more) then suggests Harry teach an impromptu cooking class – he even offers to tweet it out to all of his 30 Twitter followers!

Harry’s cooking class, which his potential manager attends, begins a bit stiff. But after a few moments, the cook starts to loosen up – and the manager notices.

“You really love cooking, don’t’ you?” she says to the passionate chef before shaking hands with her newest client. Harry is over the moon with excitement. Move over, Rachel Ray!

Harry wasn’t the only one to find himself in an awkward predicament during the Season 3 installment. Karen (Yunjin Kim) and Alec (Ed Quinn) were also confronted with an uncomfortable moment when Vivian (Sonja Bennett) went to pay her sister a visit, leaving two-thirds of the threesome behind.

Karen is clearly uneasy being left alone with Alec. She even admits to April (Rochelle Aytes) that being alone with him “feels like I’m cheating on Vivian.” And apparently, Alec feels the same way. After Karen dodges his phone calls and dinner date proposals he pays “the third” a visit at her house.

“Are you avoiding me, Karen?” he asks before the two agree that they both don’t know what to do without Vivian. In fact, for the first time ever, Alec lies to his wife regarding his whereabouts when she calls.

“I’m at the office,” he says instead of telling Viv that he’s with Karen. After his fib, Alec abruptly leaves. But the duo bump into each other at work while Karen is contemplating what treat to get from the vending machine. This then leads to a steamy sex session in the supply closet. But when all is said and done, Alec and Karen are left more confused than ever on whether or not they should tell Viv or not.

Speaking of confusion, April was unsure whether or not to tell her daughter the real reason she didn’t get along with her mother. But Lucy (Corinne Massiah) eventually learns the truth about her grandma when she overhears a fight between the ladies.

As it turns out, the reason April detests her mom is because when Lucy was a baby, the grandmother got into a car accident due to driving drunk.

“Driving drunk with a toddler isn’t a mistake, it’s a felony,” April says to her mom who is taking the situation light and continuously drinking. “You have no place in my home.”

“Why didn’t you just tell me?” Lucy asks her mother why she was left in the dark regarding the accident. And according to April, it’s because she wanted Lucy to have only good memories of her grandmother and her father – that’s why she kept bad news hidden about him, too. This eventually puts an end to their feud after Lucy realizes how loved she is by her mom.

Now… onto the most nail biting plot of episode 7! The no good, lying spouse of Calista (Jennifer Esposito), Luca (Noam Jenkins), tells the fashion designer that after the stunt she pulled last night (trashing his accessory line), he’s going to take her for all she’s worth. And how can he do that? Well, Luca claims he has evidence that Calista cheated on him.

“He’s the one that ruined this marriage and I’m the one that’s going to have to pay for it,” Calista tells Joss completely devastated. But Joss has a plan: “What if he cheated with me?”

Joss thinks Calista can catch Luca in the act, which would mean the Calista wouldn’t have to give her deceitful husband half her hard earned wealth.

“You are one twisted sister,” Calista says before agreeing to the plan.

The duo then fake fight right in front of Luca to gain his attention. And boy does it go flawlessly!

“I told you this was going to work. I’m a genius,” Joss says with a smile. But Calista isn’t the least bit amused. The fashionista starts to grill Joss: Why is she doing this? And why is she enjoying it so much?

But Joss confirms that the only motive she has behind tempting Luca is that she doesn’t want to lose Calista, who is ready to head back to New York.

After apologizing, the twosome work together and set up a camera in Calista's bedroom, hoping to catch Luca red handed. And just as predicted, they do! Once the tape catches enough film, Joss excuses herself to “freshen up” – but really she was confirming with Calista that the evidence was captured.

Calista, however, wasn’t answering – this left Joss in the dark... literally. The lights went out, forcing Joss to carefully find her way out of the mansion as if she was in a touch tunnel. However, something causes Joss to slip and fall: Luca’s dead body.

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