Ready for another steamy installment of “Mistresses”? Well then you’re in luck because episode 6 of Season 3 is said to be “out of control” sexy. So grab a chilled glass of wine and find yourself a cool spot on the couch because things are going to heat up pretty quick in “Love Is an Open Door.”

Fans of the hit ABC drama can anticipate yet another sexy threesome between Karen (Yunjin Kim), Vivian (Sonja Bennett) and Alex (Ed Quinn) to go down. But before the lip locking occurs, viewers will watch as the triad attends their first polyamorous party.

“Whose house is this?” Karen questions in a sneak-peek video as she gets her first glimpse of the scandalous party. According to Vivian, the home belongs to someone she met in a chat room. Alec’s wife then explains that the gathering includes couples that range from threesomes to quints. This seems to make Alec uncomfortable. But Vivian urges him to stay.

“Ten minutes,” he says sternly. But according to the trailer for the upcoming installment, it looks like the trio will be staying a little bit longer than that! A video shows the three lovers in between the sheets for yet a second time. However, they’ll be doing much more than just partaking in another ménage à trois.

The synopsis reveals Karen will “grapple with her feelings” as she and the Adams “decide exactly how their relationship is going to work.”

And it seems as though whatever they discuss during episode 6 will launch their relationship to a new level of seriousness. Kim dished to TV Guide that audiences should expect her character’s romance with the Adams to continue until “the very last episode” of Season 3. But fans shouldn’t hold their breath if they think they tri-mance won’t come without its issues. According to the actress, the fiery relationship is “going to get messy and clunky.”

“Throughout the season, it's really about the love between the two women [and] she's very confused by it," Kim explained. "She's someone who's never had an experience with a woman, and not just a woman but also [her husband].”

Can this “freemate” make her relationship with the Adams work? Fans will find out in Season 3, episode 6 of “Mistresses” on Thursday, July 16, at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.