Kate is confused. In a promo video for the upcoming Season 4 installment of “Mistresses,” fans of the hit ABC series can see Harry’s sister having mixed feelings about her steamy, new relationship. In episode 5, Kate fell head-over-shell for a man she met at a taco truck.

“There’s this undeniable connection,” Kate (Tabrett Bethell) tells her new latte-making bestie Randy (Brian Gattas) in a sneak-peek video for episode 6. She explains that in addition to her new beau loving the same “cheesy, romantic” flicks that she does, he also knows his way around the bedroom! “The sex is mind-blowing!” she gushes.

But there is one fault with Kate’s new crush — and Randy isn’t afraid to point it out: He’s married.

“He’s actually separated,” Kate corrects him but Randy, who’s dabbled in his fair share of messy relationships with married men, knows better. “You do realize that separated means they’re still married, right?” he fires back.

This is where Kate’s confusion comes in. Ever since her fiancé cheated on her, the blond haired Aussie has been determined to find her soul mate. But could Kate’s eagerness to find love be clouding her judgment? Randy thinks so. He comes to the conclusion that the reason Kate is so smitten with her taco beau is due to hormones.

“It’s the oxytocin,” he says.

Oxytocin, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, is a hormone that gets released in large amounts during labor to help the woman during childbirth and breastfeeding. It also plays a role in intercourse. But Brian sums it up as oxytocin being “the hormone that makes woman fall in love after sex.”

“I guess that makes sense,” Kate says, agreeing that there’s no way she could be in love with her new suitor seeing as though she hardly knows him.

“Amen to that, sister,” Randy responds. “It’s time to start thinking with your head and not your hoo-ha.”

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