Mitt Romney's razor-thin victory in the Maine caucuses could be overturned now that the state has decided to count the results from rural Washington County, which is set to vote on Saturday.

Romney eked out a victory over Ron Paul by fewer than 200 votes in Maine's sparsely attended caucuses last weekend. But the results from Washington County could alter that outcome, as could votes from some previous caucuses, including many held in Waldo County, that went uncounted.

Winning the nonbinding Maine contest is essentially a symbolic victory -- the state does not award delegates until the Republican National Convention -- but a reversal would deal a blow to Romney's campaign as the former Massachusetts governor tries to fend off a late surge from Rick Santorum.

Santorum's triple victory in Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri -- which, like Maine, is a nonbinding primary -- has re-energized his campaign and allowed him to position himself as Romney's main challenger. After Romney was initially declared the winner of the Iowa caucuses, a recount threw the victory to Santorum.

Recent polls show that Santorum has eclipsed Romney in his home state of Michigan, suggesting that Romney could be in danger of losing a state where he had been leading in polls for much of the year.