Mixed martial arts fighter Charles Rowan faked his own death and did not die in a car accident last month, two Michigan-based MMA promoters said Friday.

The MMA promoters, Christo Piliafas and Scott DiPonio, helped raise more than $1,000 at a benefit for Rowan’s family two weeks ago. They told the Associated Press they were shocked over the revelation that Rowan, a 25-year-old MMA heavyweight, is alive.

Rowan did not die in a car wreck last month. On Friday, authorities in Michigan's Gladwin County charged Rowan, his girlfriend and his friend with robbing a gun shop.

Rowan, Rosalinda Martinez and Michael Bowman face charges of armed robbery and assault with intent to murder, AP reported.

Rowan allegedly beat up the 74-year-old gun-shop owner, who was taken to the hospital with “severe head injuries,” according to the Flint Police Operations Facebook page.

Lauren Mose, who identified herself as a niece of the gun-shop owner, tweeted a photo of Rowan back on March 19 and urged Twitter users to help locate the MMA fighter:



And she wasn't the only one in the Twitterverse to take shots at Rowan amid reports he faked his own death: