Model Nicole Trunfio has posed for a new cover for Elle Australia magazine where she breastfeeds her infant son Zion Rain. The candid mother-son shot is captured by photographer Georges Antoni.

Elle's Editor-in-Chief Justine Cullen told Elle that the breastfeeding cover shot was not planned in advance. The 29-year-old Australian model brought her baby to the set of the photo shoot. While she was working, the baby got hungry and Trunfio started to breastfeed. When Cullen saw “how beautiful they looked,” they decided capture the moment in a photo. “It was a completely natural moment that resulted in a powerful picture,” Cullen added.

As for the model, she was “moved to tears” when she saw the cover. Various critics, however, haved called the picture controversial. The brunette beauty is a strong advocate for breastfeeding and even posted a related message on her Instagram. “The last thing I want to do is be controversial, so please take this for what it is, let us #normalizebreastfeeding there is nothing worse than a mother that is judged for feeding her hungry child in public,” Trunfio wrote on Instagram.

She also added that she is so “proud of this cover and for what it stands for.” The model also clarified that she does not “look like this” when breastfeeding her son. She ended her message by thanking Elle magazine for “being so bold and making such an encouraging, positive and healthy statement.”

Trunfio is not the first celebrity to appear in a breastfeeding pose. In 2010, supermodel Gisele Bundchen posted a picture on Instagram where she was seen breastfeeding her infant son. She also declared that there should be a global law that makes breastfeeding mandatory for women till six months.

In 2014, singer Gwen Stefani posted a similar breastfeeding picture on her Instagram profile. She told the Guardian that she often faced a lot of problems while breastfeeding her son while he was teething. But this does not deter the singer from feeding him and she plans to continue doing it as long as she can.