The season finale of “Modern Family” aired Wednesday, May 22, and in true fashion, it was gut-wrenchingly funny … despite the death of Phil’s mom. The whole family packed up to go to Grace’s funeral and hilarity ensued -- take a look at the five funniest moments from episode 24, "Goodnight Gracie."

Supportive Family

Claire, the kids and the rest of the Pritchett clan came along to support Phil. “Anything to get out of the office,” Mitch tells the camera. “This funeral couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Gloria, meanwhile, is trying to hide her face because she’s a wanted person in Florida. What is she guilty of? Her roommate turned their place into a whorehouse (Quick And Easy) after she moved out … but her name was still on the lease.

Cam’s Drama Follows Him

“What is this -- a book club or a Miss America pageant?” Cam asks a group of older ladies. They get into a discussion about a book and Cam tells them that he’s gay. One woman responds: “My grandson is gay. Daniel Shulman -- do you know him?”

Cam ends up playing mahjong with the women and stirring up drama when he catches Edith taking the winning tile out of her pocket. He tells one of her friends, but she’s just as bad when she swipes a whole tray of cookies into her bag. As the women start to attack each other, Cam breaks them up, telling them: “Forget about the tiles or cookies" -- or whatever Addie is slipping into her coffee.

Playing Favorites

Like in every other American family, one kid thinks (but really knows) that she's her grandparent’s favorite. Same goes for the Dunphy family. Alex tells everyone that she shared a “special” connection with Grace, but is disappointed when she finds the gift her grandmother left her. Hayley got jewelry and a note that said how beautiful she is, Luke got a pocket watch and Alex got a lighter -- with a note that said “This is a lighter."

We learn the note actually had more to it when Alex realizes that the pages of the paper had stuck together. Turns out the lighter belonged to her grandmother’s favorite actor, Paul Newman. He came into the restaurant she worked at and left it there by accident. She pocketed it and a customer saw, telling her not to worry and that he wouldn’t tell anyone. That customer ended up being Alex’s grandfather. The note concluded by telling Alex not to be afraid to break the rules.

Mitch’s Courtroom Revival

Mitch goes to court to be Gloria’s lawyer to help her out of the prostitution situation. He ends up helping practically the whole courtroom (“The only influence he was under was his love for boating!”). Mitch annoys the judge with all of his over-the-top antics (“SHAME!”) that when Gloria’s turn is finally up, she ends up dropping the case.

Jay’s Former Love

Jay believes he recognizes one of the Dunphy’s neighbors and sets out to uncover who she is. Turns out she was his “first.”

“I was shipping off to Vietnam,” Jay told her when she didn’t remember him. “You had the ass of a young Ann-Margaret.

Jay explains that she gave him some special memories, and his “Ann-Margaret” tells him that he gave her something too. Heading into her house she returns with a box full of old memories like medals and letters -- none of which belonged to Jay. “She sent more men off to war than Linden Johnson,” Jay tells the camera.

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