No new episode of the hit comedy series “Modern Family” will be airing tonight. Instead of the traditional Thanksgiving special, which typically airs on the third week of November, ABC has opted to rebroadcast last year’s episode, titled “Three Turkeys.”

In the Season 6 Thanksgiving episode, Phil Dunphy is left with the task of preparing the turkey. He decides to take the burden away from his wife, Claire (Julie Bowen), who has been dealing with a lot of responsibilities at the office.

Phil enlists their son Luke, (Nolan Gould) to be his sous chef. He is determined to get everything right, so he even downloads the app by celebrity chef Nigella Lawson. The app guides him through every step of the process. Even though Phil is sure that he’s got things under control, Claire doesn’t think that he can pull it off on his own. She prepares a back-up turkey behind his back.

Meanwhile, Jay (Ed O’Neill) and his wife Gloria (Sofia Vergara) are having a quiet Thanksgiving at their home. They told the rest of the family that they were going to Mexico, but when the trip gets cancelled, they decide to stay home without telling anybody.

When Claire accidentally knocks out the electricity at their house, they decide to move their dinner to Jay and Gloria’s house. Unfortunately, they didn’t know that the couple is there and not in Mexico.

Jay and Gloria sneak out and pretend to return to their house from Mexico. However, they get busted when Gloria mixes up the Dunphy turkey with the smaller one that Jay prepared. Claire sneaks in her back-up bird and the whole family ends up with three turkeys to enjoy.

This year, ABC has opted not to film neither a Thanksgiving nor a Halloween special for “Modern Family.” Instead, they aired reruns of last year’s specials, including the controversial episode titled "Awesomeland." However, it appears that Christmas is too special to let go.

According to Disney ABC Press, the episode that’s set to air on Dec. 9 is titled “White Christmas.”