For those who can't wait to get their hands on the post-beta launch of the Minecraft there is good news: Mojang just released the non-beta 1.0 version.

The game was supposed to launch on Nov. 18 during MineCon, the Minecraft fan convention, but the developer decided to break it own street date for the game. The head of Mojang, Notch, tweeted there should only be a few very minor tweaks to perform before the official release and told game sites to go head and review the game if they wanted.

Minecraft is an open sandbox game that is more an expression of creativity. Players are encouraged to harvest blocks and then arrange them in any way they see fit. Some players have created huge castles, rollercoasters or even blocky recreations of the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek.

The game features day and night cycles and at night players must survive zombies, skeletons and creeps who threaten not only their lives, but also their creations. Players can also craft swords and armor to help defend themselves. The post-beta adds a new enchantment system, baby animals, a dragon end-boss and an alternate dimension called The End.

Minecraft has been in development since 2009, and Mojang let players in on the game each step of the way, letting them download every version of the game since its Alpha. Notch and his team have been slowly adding features one at time, such as the need for food and piston blocks. Though it is a usual way of creating a game it seems to be successful; Minecraft has sold more than 4 million copies while it was still in beta.

 Releasing the post-beta game provides an interesting opportunity for those who have yet to purchase it. Mojang has been offering the beta for a 25 percent discount until the full version is released. So now, you can get the full game at a discount from the Minecraft site. But hurry, the discount is only good until the official launch at MineCon.

If you are curious about MineCon, you can check out a live stream of the event, courtesy of IGN. Tickets have completely sold out for the convention, so there definitely is some excitement surround the event.   

You can download the 1.0 version through this GamePro story. And check out the This is Minecraft trailer here: