Monaco royal twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella have started talking. The 15-month-old tots are the children of Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco. The 57-year-old dad said in an interview with People that his little kids “have already begun talking.”  

“It’s a little sketchy still. They say ‘mom,’ ‘daddy,’ ‘maman,’ ‘papa,’ ‘baby’ and ‘hello,’” said Albert. The Monegasque royal added that the twins may soon be singing as well and are very fond of a few classic kid favorites. 

He said they listen to the same children’s songs “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and some French nursery rhymes as well. The Monaco sovereign said that Jacques and Gabriella are getting a foundation in French as it is being spoken in the nursery. He added that Gabriella has started responding to "ca va?" which means "okay" in French.  

The tot also responds by saying "ca va," said Albert, imitating the voice of his daughter. The doting dad said that the kids have become very vocal and when asked about their mom, they point at Charlene and call her ‘mom.’ Speaking on which of his kids started talking first, he said it was the baby princess. 

Albert added that Gabriella knows what she wants. Jacques was catching up with his sister. The son of Grace Kelly said that his kids knew what they wanted but as parents, they tried to understand what they asked for. Without answering whether the tots said ‘mama’ or ‘papa’ first, Albert gushed about his wife who is a former Olympic swimming champion.  

The prince said he and Charlene are not in any competition. His kids were very happy kids; they smiled, laughed a lot . Albert attributed it to Charlene, who he said was a “wonderful mother.” The royal couple of Monaco has always tried to make an extra effort to provide the royal twins with a normal upbringing.

The family-of-four also indulges in a fun family trips and the delicious tradition of Sunday morning pancakes. Prince Albert’s mother Grace had arranged for a number of non-royal activities like American sports and weekend family breakfasts. The Grimaldi family tradition is followed by both Albert and Charlene, but the prince said his twins have not yet understood it. The kids, Albert admitted "haven't completely gotten into pancake Sundays yet."