Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco gave fans a glimpse of their family life with their twins Prince Jacques and Princess Charlene. The royal couple sat down for a chat with in a new documentary that was filmed on the occasion of the first birthday of the royal tots.

The 15-minute video was shot in the Prince’s Palace of Monaco in Monte Carlo on Dec. 10. The grand Salon du Glace provided the setting for the intimate film on the Monaco royal family. The 37-year-old Charlene was dressed in an all-black outfit with a cream-colored skirt. She showed off her blonde pixie cut and signature red lipstick.

The Monegasque sovereign was also dressed in black suit and trousers paired with a white shirt and gray tie. The 57-year-old was not wearing his glasses. As the couple spoke, their twins played near their feet with their favorite toys. Charlene and her husband sat on plush sofas while the tots played on the floor as they sat on the thick carpet of the Salon.

There were framed photos and blue and pink-themed mementoes for each child in the background. Next to the prince in one corner was even a big stuff polar bear. The couple spoke about the children’s different personalities and their hopes and dreams for them.

Charlene described her children as “very active, very playful, absolutely adorable, lots of fun.” She added with a laugh that they were “a lot of work”. Albert spoke in French and said that Jacques and Gabriella were contented and rarely cried. Both of them told how sociable their twins were.

The former Olympic swimmer from South Africa told that she was teaching her kids to swim using the "drown proof" method. Albert said that though many people have told him that Gabriella looked like him, he thought that there was a bit of Charlene in both of them. He also praised his hands-on wife for looking after the toddlers.

The video included never-before-seen footage of the twins christening and their presentation on Monaco’s National Day along with their parents.