Things were definitely tense during part one of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” Season 3 reunion. A couple times, cast members almost walked off stage and more than once security had to keep some of the ladies apart. Keep reading to find out what happened during the show.

The Season 3 reunion kicks off with host Nina Parker asking about Moniece Slaughter and Fizz’s living situation. During the season, Fizz moved into Moniece’s place because of issues he was having with his home.

Fizz makes it clear during the reunion that him moving back in with his ex and the mother of his child had nothing to do with wanting to rekindle things with Moniece. When Parker asks Nikki Mudarris her thoughts on the situation, she makes it clear that she was not a fan of Fizz living with his ex-girlfriend. Nia Riley also chimes in on the situation saying that she wouldn’t be OK with her significant other living with an ex, but she thinks it’s OK for Fizz and Moniece because their situation is different. Nia then says that Moniece is gay, but Moniece clarifies that she’s bisexual. She also reveals some huge news: she and her girlfriend, Digg the Kicks, are trying for a baby.

At one point during the discussion about Fizz and Moniece’s living situation, Nikki and Fizz start arguing. Fizz isn’t holding back at all and slams Nikki for getting plastic surgery, not having any talent and supposedly sleeping around.

The show then moves on to Moniece’s feud with Brandi Boyd. The two start arguing, and Brandi also gets into a war of words with Moniece’s BFF Masika Kalysha. When Parker asks Brandi why she’s so mad at Masika and Moniece, she explains that they called her son ugly. Masika, however, interjects and clarifies that she didn’t call Brandi’s son ugly but did tweet that he needed braces. Moniece, on the other hand, refuses to apologize for calling Brandi’s son ugly.

After a while, the conversation switches to Moniece’s sex tape and she gets up and walks off the stage. She eventually comes back. Brandi tells Parker that she never released the tape and it was already out there for the public. Moniece refuses to talk about the tape, but admits that she tried to apologize to both Brandi and Princess Love. Princess says it’s a little too later for an apology, and wants to fight Moniece.

The Season 3 reunion also reveals that Princess and Brandi are friends again after Princess kicked her out of her wedding party. Nikki also gives an update on her love life, telling everyone that she’s still dating model and new cast member Rosa Acosta. To prove that things are going well between them, Nikki kisses Rosa.

Masika also tells everyone that Fetty Wap is starting to spend more time with their daughter. The returning cast member goes on to slam Hazel-E after Parker reminds Masika that Hazel said Fetty Wap wasn’t the father of her daughter. The reunion ends just as Hazel is making her way to the stage to confront Masika.

Part two of the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” Season 3 reunion airs Monday, Nov. 14, at 8 p.m. EST on VH1.