A baby nicknamed Moose was born in Texas last week. He weighed in at over 16 pounds.

JaMichael Brown's birth weight came as quite a shock to American media.

Janet Johnson, age 39, gave birth to her 16 pound, one ounce son JaMichael Brown at a hospital in East Texas last Friday.

The mother was as surprised by her large, Texas-sized baby as everyone else.

Everybody was amazed that he was so big, Janet Johnson told Forbes, I don't think too many people have heard of having a 16-pound baby.

The baby was born just after the Trust for America's Health and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation published a shocking report on childhood obesity that raised concerns in the American health community.

Childhood obesity was noted as a major concern, particularly in Southern states like JaMichael Brown's native Texas.

The study, called F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America's Future 2011, found that Mississippi has the highest rate of obesity in the country, soaring up to 34.4 percent, while other states, such as, Colorado - who scored the lowest in obese residents in the report with a rate of 19.8 percent - remain steady.

Texas' obesity figures aren't too far behind Mississippi's.

The Lone Star State ranks number seven for childhood obesity at 20.4 percent, just 1.5 percent behind Mississippi, the first.

While little JaMichael Johnson is off to a bad start, there is still a chance for him to stay out of that whopping 20.4 percent.

Changing policies is an important way to provide children and families with vital resources and opportunities to make healthier choices easier in their day-to-day lives, Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, chief executive of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation told Reuters about the recent F as in Fat report.