While initial sales reports from Black Friday point to a better holiday season for retailers this year, companies will also find out if predictions of more online shoppers on Cyber Monday come true.

Results of a survey commissioned by online retail association Shop.org shows that the number of online shoppers is set to increase from around 10 percent to 61 million, with nearly 51 percent doing their shopping from work, up from 44.7 percent last year. In addition, two thirds of shoppers ages 25 to 34 planned to shop online, according to a report by BIGresearch.

“Online retailers typically see huge surges in website traffic during traditional lunch hours,” said Scott Silverman, Executive Director of Shop.org. “Shopping at work can be a great way for many consumers to complete holiday buying without having to worry about sneaky gift recipients looking over their shoulders.”

According to the association, while some office workers might be tempted to shop during work hours, the majority were planning to do their shopping before work, during their lunch hour and after work.