Parents ringing a help line about problems with their children have increased in a major way, new statistics show.

Parent Line, a government funded NSW parenting advice line operated by Catholic Care, has recorded 36 percent increase in calls between 2007 and 2009.

Linda Burney, Minister for Community Services, said the advice that parent seek about their teenagers are mostly about managing aggressive and rude behavior, social networking and gaming, use of the internet and their association with other teenagers.

Parents are also telling us that they find it difficult to connect with their children and want advices on what's the best thing to do when their children become violent and run away from home.

Changes in parenting styles over the past decades created new challenges for parents emphasizing their leadership in their own families, Ms. Burney said.

Tarja Malone, Parent Line manager, said parents who are calling the help line appreciate the fact that they are talking to professional counselors.

Parents often are just looking for objective and unbiased outsider's viewpoint on what's happening in their families, said Ms Malone.

Parents who need assistance and advice can call Parent Line on 1300 1300 52.