The hype continues for fan-favorite and fan-demanded “Mortal Kombat X” character Tremor. If the first look at his moves and variations were not enough, this time, a fan managed to mine some of the actual screenshots in “Mortal Kombat X” files.

Over at Reddit, fans have banded together to show the community some of the images of Tremor’s fatalities and brutalities. From the same Redditor, Murdoink, who had brought the variations mined from “Mortal Kombat X,” the images still contain the signature gore that the game has been known for.

The names of the moves have been revealed as well. There is also a lone screenshot that showed off each of the names of the brutalities and fatalities alongside a screenshot to show the final move. For the brutalities, there is “Blood Rock,” “Rumble Trouble,” “Rock Head,” “It’s Me Tremor” and “Krystal Khaos.” The two fatalities are named “Stone Tomb” and “Stalag Might.”

Earlier, Redditor Murdoink revealed the different variations for Tremor, which are Aftershock, Crystalline and Metallic. All of the data were reportedly mined from the files of the PC edition of the title.

While developer NetherRealm Studios has already confirmed the existence of the Tremor DLC, there has been no update yet on when it will be released. Studio Creative Head Ed Boon had stated before that Tremor is the one character that the studio had created in order to satisfy what appeared to be the unanimous clamor of fans for the DLC fighter.

To bring up the hype to humorous level, Warner Bros. has released a new trailer titled “The Doctor.” Seen below, the video does not showcase any gameplay footage as some expected. But it attempts to give a funny spin on what happens after every fatality and brutality for the characters. No one else gets to “treat” them but The Doctor.

Fans who want to check out the Predator DLC can now enjoy it without the season pass. The expansion is now offered as a standalone, compared to its previous positioning as part of the Kombatant Pack season pass, Gamezone reported. Players will get to enjoy three different skins, and according to VG 24/7, these include Carl Weathers, Johnny Cage ala commando and infrared Scorpion.

"Mortal Kombat X" The Doctor Trailer (Credit: YouTube/GamesHQMedia)