Most Mysterious Places with Hidden Ancient Treasures of the World (PHOTOS)

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  • Festive Season Across the World: Halloween in the U.S. and Diwali 2011, Festival of Lights in India [Breathtaking Diwali PHOTOS]
    Rangolis, or murals made of colored powders, are very common in Hindu holidays and especially during Diwali. Here, students complete a portrait of the god Vishnu and his consort, the goddess Lakshmi. REUTERS/Amit Dave
  • 2. Bactria Treasure, Afghanistan
    Around 22,000 gold ornaments were discovered from six graves during an excavation between 1977 and 1978 in Tillia tepe, an archaeological site east of Sheberghan city in Afghanistan. The precious treasure has been restored by National Museum of Afghanistan in Kabul. In Picture: A gold crown circa first century AD, from Tillya Tepe, during a preview of the exhibition "Afghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World" at the British Museum in London March 1, 2011. REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett
  • 4. The Mystery of Qumran Caves, Copper Scroll & the Dead Sea Scrolls
    Dead Sea Scrolls (R) is one of the world's oldest texts from about 120 BC, discovered in the 1950's by a shepherd in the Qumran caves at the northern part of the Dead Sea. The Essenes are commonly believed to be the authors of the Dead Sea scrolls. One of the scrolls on a copper sheet also called Copper Scroll lists locations where treasure of gold and silver are hidden or might be hidden. Though it has not been interpreted till date, if the hidden treasure was already discovered by the Romans in 68 AD when they destroyed Essene settlement (L) in Qumran, is also not known. The Essenes were devout Jews numbering around 200 who broke away from Jerusalem and moved to the Dead Sea area. REUTERS
  • 7. Florida Shipwreck
    A staggering 40 tons of silver and gold items were recovered from the Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha that sank in Atlantic off the Florida Keys in 1622. Over 100,000 Spanish silver and gold coins, Columbian emeralds, silver and gold artifacts and over 1000 silver bars were found on the shipwreck. More recently, a large emerald ring (shown in picture above) and two silver spoons were discovered from the shipwrecked Spanish galleon that has already yielded one of the greatest treasures ever recovered from the sea. The left picture shows the ship of the company that discovered the shipwreck. REUTERS
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There are perhaps many secrets in the world that are just awaiting “serendipity”. Modern men have stumbled across unknown valleys, falls, lakes, ruins of ancient cities and most startling of them all, a treasure.

Excavations of ancient cities, religious places and ruins have led to discoveries of buried treasures of the ancient times at quite a few places across the world.

More recently, billions of dollars worth of jewelry, gold, silver and precious stones were found in India’s Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple. Experts believe more treasure is hidden in this temple in Indian southern state of Kerala, as the temple’s most important chamber that hasn't been opened for 140 years is yet to be opened.

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