Renovations at East Fremantle hospital have compromised the safety of staff and patients, Australian Nursing Federation said.

The Nurse's Union said that renovations in a corridor of the maternity of Kaleeya Hospital took place over the long weekend.

Mark Olsen, a spokesperson from the Australian Nursing Federation said that it was not a safe environment for either the mothers or the 12 babies that were being housed in the ward.

The complaints that I have received from parents are about the fact they have not slept for two or three days due to the renovations.

You've got dust, you've got cables, heavy machinery working, they're pulling up the floor and they've got the noise.

Mr. Olsen said that there was extreme dust and noise while the work was going on.

It can't possibly be good for the children; it can't possibly be good for the mothers and certainly not good for the staff who have to work through there.

I don't understand why the ward wasn't closed or why the parents and babies weren't moved out before this major construction and renovation work.

Hospital management said it acted quickly to stop the renovations after receiving the complaint.