If you haven't yet prepared anything for Mother's Day, which is Sunday, don't panic. There's nothing like a simple but elegant homemade brunch for sons and daughters of all ages to show their mothers just how much they appreciate them. Here are five ideas for easy and delicious dishes -- and how to present them -- on Mother's Day.

1) This ham and cheese frittata takes 20 minutes to make. Frittatas are fantastic dishes because they are tasty and don't have to look perfect, and thus are ideal for people who struggle to successfully flip fried eggs, or construct beautiful omelets. You can also substitute other ingredients if you are a vegetarian or prefer not to eat ham. If you want to get fancy, try this spinach and feta frittata, which takes 35 minutes. Serve in a cast-iron skilled for a rustic look.

2) Yogurt parfaits are another easy, flexible dish, and you can be highly creative in how you combine ingredients. Make thick layers of creamy plain yogurt and crunchy granola in a sundae cup for a main dish, or sprinkle granola over a dollop of yogurt in a small bowl for a side dish. Add fresh fruit -- blueberries or strawberries, or chopped apples or bananas -- for a hint of sweetness. It all takes just a few minutes.

3) No modern brunch is complete without a healthy salad. This spinach, pear, goat cheese and pecan salad is a zesty classic that takes at most 20 minutes to prepare. Its flavors and textures are wide-ranging yet complementary, from the crunchy sweetness of the pecans to the softly sour cheese. 

4) Don't forget a refreshing drink. Try these passion fruit mimosas,  or mint iced tea, with or without bourbon. For coffee lovers, there's always iced coffee, or you can try this fancy iced mocha.

5) For dessert, these banana chocolate chip muffins are ideal, not too sweet, with amounts of chocolate that you can adjust to your (or your mother's) liking. They take 25 minutes to prepare and about 15 minutes to bake.

Fresh-cut flowers, neatly arranged in a vase (or a glass jar, if you're still aiming for that rustic look) are a must for the table. And of course, if you want to make it a true Mother's Day, your work is not done once brunch is over. On Sunday, it's your turn to wash the dishes.