The Moto X, a phone considered the first true collaboration between Motorola and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), may have had its release date on Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZW) leaked by a Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) employee.

The Moto X U.S. release date on Verizon Wireless will be Aug. 29, if the street date listed in Best Buy’s system is correct. The stores will start receiving stock of the Moto X ahead of the launch on Aug. 15.


The Motorola Droid lineup for Verizon will be available to customers who preordered on the original release date of Aug. 20; however, new orders will not ship until Aug. 27, a Verizon representative confirmed to Engadget. The street date for the Moto X listed in Best Buy’s system originally listed Aug. 23, Android Central reported.

Motorola has said that the Moto X would arrive on all U.S. carriers by the end of the month. T-Mobile customers will have to purchase the phone directly from Motorola, with a release date “coming soon” on AT&T. Sprint has said that the Moto X would release to its customers at an unspecified date “this summer.”

A version of the Moto X is also expected for purchase from the company’s Play Store. The device will reportedly not contain a stock version of Android 4.3, like the Google Play Edition of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. Leo Laporte from “This Week in Google” said that according to Motorola’s Guy Kawasaki, the Moto X will retain features like touchless control with always-on voice gestures, Quick Capture camera gestures and Active Display.

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