Google bought Motorola in August 2011 and with the launch of the Droid Razr Oct. 18, it's easy to see why Motorola may have been so eager to sell. The Droid brand of phone itself has been one of the major competitors with iPhone 4S along with Samsung's Galaxy S2. But, the Razr, besides having a cool name, costs $100 more than the iPhone 4S (16GB version) and isn't available on Sprint or AT&T.

Motorola revived its once best-selling Razr brand to tout the Droid Razr as the world's slimmest smartphone. Droid Razr does have a faster chip than the iPhone, a higher-speed wireless connection (4G), and a bigger screen, but the price is just too high to be a top seller.

Droid Razr's 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display is very catchy and the phone itself may represent the height of Motorola's design, but in the super competitive world of smartphones, the pricetag rules. So Motorola can't depend on Droid Razr to revive the company's fortunes; they'll have to wait for the Google takeover to be completed before that happens.

Besides the price, the other interesting thing to note is that, despite the fact Razr is an Android phone (it ships with Android 2.3) it won't come with the latest Android version - Ice Cream Sandwich - set to be released Oct. 19. Since the Google buyout didn't happen until August, Motorola no doubt had Droid Razr in the works already, or the launch date coming so close to the Nexus Prime launch is coincidental. Furthermore, the only reason Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich (Andorid's new version nickname) are debuting on the 19th is because Steve Jobs' death convinced Apple's competitors to hold off on the launch out of respect for the man.

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