When it comes to Seeking Justice, the title is exactly what those who see this movie will be doing when it's over. The thriller begins on a promising note, has an interesting cast, and explores some intriguing questions. Yet, it quickly turns into a clunky mess of action-film cliches that will make you cringe. It follows Will (Nicolas Cage) whose wife Laura (January Jones) is brutally assaulted. As she lay in critical condition, he is approached by Simon (Guy Pearce), who offers to have the man responsible murdered. The scene that follows tries to make choosing a bar from a vending machine suspenseful. Will decides to have the man killed but what he doesn't know is that he's now dangerously indebted to Simon. From there it's pretty much downhill. A major reason for this is Jones, who proves to be a triple threat (unlikable, untalented, and unwatchable). And just when you think Pearce can save the movie, he decides abandon the American accent that the role requires and talk in his native Aussie dialect. 

The only consistently alluring element of the film is it's post Katrina New Orleans setting. This is particularly true of the final scene, which was shot in an abandoned mall. Furthermore, Will's job as a school teacher provides an interesting look into the city's struggling school system. His colleague (Harold Perrineau) grants a few redeeming scenes but the character quickly dissipates with the rest of the plot. While fans of high octaine action may enjoy the film, other's will find it gravely flawed.