Elliot will have to come up with an “impossible” hack in the next episode of “Mr. Robot.” Tyrell will have to face the prospect of Scott becoming the new CTO and working with him may prove difficult for the ambitious young executive. [Spoiler alert]

The promo video of the next episode in the series shows Elliot [Rami Malek] visiting Fernando [Elliot Villar] in prison, after he spoke with the convict over the phone in the previous episode. Fernando had realized that Elliot tipped the police about his criminal activities and he's the reason why he is in jail.

According to the official synopsis of the next episode, Elliot will be asked to hack the prison to help Fernando escape. Fernando’s defense lawyer had said in the previous episode that the prosecution had a solid case against him and he may be facing many years in jail for his crimes.

Elliot can be seen saying in the promo video that it is “impossible” to do what he is asked, possibly referring to the jail hack. However, he may have little choice but to comply as the synopsis suggests that he will have to do it to save “someone he cares about.” That someone may be Shayla [Frankie Shaw,] on whose cell phone Elliot received a call from Fernando in the last episode.

The other major character on the show, Tyrell Wellick [Martin Wallstrom], will have his share of troubles in “Mr. Robot” episode 6. In the previous episode, he was unable to gauge what Scott Knowles [Brian Stokes Mitchell] wants, and he may not be able to prevent Scott from becoming the next CTO, a position he is desperately trying to get for himself.

The promo video shows Scott warning Tyrell to accept the “hard truth” of him becoming the CTO of Evil Corp. Tyrell appears to be frustrated at his inability to stop Scott and is seen breaking things at his home, while his wife eats her meal calmly.

The promo photos of “Mr. Robot” episode 7 have also been released online. The pictures posted on SpoilerTV show that Elliot will continue to make observations about people he meets, while the members of FSociety plan their next movie.