“Mr. Robot” Season 2 has ended. The final episode was filled with answers, but many more questions were posed. In true Sam Esmail fashion, the episode was also filled with a lot of surprises. Here are some of the moments in “eps2.9_pyth0n-pt2.p7z” that cleared things up and shocked us.

It was Scott Knowles all along.

There had been speculations that it was Knowles (Brian Stokes Mitchell) who was sending Joanna Wellick (Stephanie Corneliussen) gifts. The theory looked more probable when Mr. Sutherland (Jeremy Holm) found out the address of the person calling Tyrell’s (Martin Wallstrom) wife and said that it was impossible for his missing boss to be hiding there. Joanna confronted Knowles about sending her gifts. She then learned that Knowles just wanted to plant a seed of hope in Joanna and lead her on. Knowles also revealed that his wife, Sharon (Michele Hicks), was pregnant when Tyrell killed her.

Joanna is not serious about Derek.

It has also been cleared up that Joanna was only using Derek (Chris Conroy) in order to make Tyrell appear innocent. Derek was a waiter at E Corp’s party for Scott’s promotion. Joanna wanted Derek to pin Sharon’s murder on her husband.

Darlene is alive and well.

Darlene (Carly Chaikin) survived the shoot-out, while Cisco (Michael Drayer) didn’t. She is now in the custody of the FBI. She tried to dodge all of Dom’s (Grace Gummer) questions, but in the end, it looked like there was no point trying to deflect them.

The FBI figured it out.

No excuse will get Darlene off the hook. The FBI has figured everything out. Dom showed Darlene the board they have been working on for three months, and they know everything -- from Cisco’s involvement with the Dark Army to Elliot (Rami Malek) and Tyrell’s partnership. Another surprising thing Dom revealed was the reason for Romero’s (Ron Cephas Jones) death. While Darlene and the rest of fsociety thought Dark Army was cleaning house, it was actually a stray bullet from his neighbor that put an end to Romero’s life.

It was Tyrell.

The previous episode made it hard to believe that it was really Tyrell whom Elliot was talking to. Elliot, for one, was not sure that his mind was just playing tricks on him. In one of the latter scenes of the episode, Elliot was sure that Tyrell was only a figment of his imagination. He realized he was wrong when Tyrell shot him, leaving him bleeding profusely and unconscious. But Elliot was able to learn what Phase 2 is about before Tyrell shot him. His wanting to stop the plan -- which is to blow up the building where E Corp houses the physical copies of its database -- was actually the reason why Tyrell shot him.

Angela is not so clueless after all.

Angela (Portia Doubleday) seemed very innocent about the doings of fsociety and the Dark Army. But it turns out she knows more than she had led people to believe. In the final scene of the episode, Angela receives a call from Tyrell. She said she knows what had happened and assured Tyrell that what he did was right.

Mobley and Trenton are alive.

As promised by Esmail, the episode had a bonus scene after the credits rolled out. In the scene, it was revealed that Mobley (James P. Rees) and Trenton (Sunita Mani) are alive and hiding somewhere. It’s hard to determine whether they will stay safe, though, because Leon (Joey Bada$$) was able to track them.

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