Cast members Christian Slater (Mr. Robot) and Rami Malek (Elliot Alderson) said their TV show “Mr. Robot” has managed to depict authentic scenes about hacking with the help of advisers, some of whom remained anonymous. The main plot of the TV series revolves around the protagonist Elliot, who hates society and hacks all the people around him.

The character also occasionally tips the police about unsavory characters he hacks. The character has a social anxiety problem and is working to overcome it.

Speaking to Collider, Slater said some of the show's advisers have remained anonymous to protect their identities and share their expert advice solely through text messages. Malek revealed executive producer Sam Esmail wants the TV series to be authentic and has talked to actual hackers, who may get to work on Season 2 of the show.

Preparing for his role, Malek read as much as he could about mental illnesses and anxiety. He also said he talked to a psychologist on a daily basis and later the executive producer hired the psychologist for the show to get the character “spot-on.” The actor also said he became “very paranoid” after the show, saying, it’s a “creepy world out there.”

Speaking about his character, Slater said Esmail has “mapped out” the character and he has left some “breadcrumbs” in the show for fans. The actor’s character is shown to be mysterious and the real motives behing his actions and his goals have yet to be revealed although the character says he wants wealth redistribution in the U.S.

AndroidPolice reported one of the scenes in the show featuring the hacking of an Android phone uses real hacking tools and software. The report speculates the actor may have “more or less genuinely hacked a real phone” for the scene.

The first three episodes of “Mr. Robot” already have aired and are available for free on the USA Network website. Episode 4 of the show titled “da3m0ns” airs Wednesday.