MTV has had their fun putting twists on their long-running reality series “The Real World” in recent years, and the upcoming season will be no different. According to reports, “The Real World” will return to Las Vegas for its 2016 installment and will feature a “Road Rules”-esque twist.

Longtime MTV viewers will remember “Road Rules.” Unlike “The Real World,” which simply has seven strangers live and work together, the program, which concluded in 2007, followed several contestants as they traveled the globe in an RV and competed in a series of high-stakes challenges. Many of the show’s stars went on to be featured alongside “The Real World” leads on MTV’s equally competitive series “The Challenge.” 

“This season will be unique in that it will bring in extreme challenges for the cast to compete,” reports the Ashley’s Reality Roundup. The plot twist will have “The Real World” roommates “do challenges every week,” said a source.

According to Entertainment Weekly, MTV announced the upcoming installment of “The Real World” Monday. The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Season 31 has already started production. According to The Ashley, the cast was introduced to the challenge twist on the first day of filming. “The seven roommates were taken on a hot air balloon ride and told that they had to jump from the ballon in order to stay on the show,” reports the site.

Season 31 of the “The Real World” is the third installment to take place in Las Vegas. The series first visited Sin City in 2002 and returned again in 2011. This also marks the third time “The Real World” has added a major twist to the program. The network introduced “Real World: Ex-Plosion” in 2014, which subjected the show’s cast to living with their exes. The following season, “Real World: Skeletons,” implemented a different twist for its Chicago cast. The series had its stars shack up with various people from their past, putting estranged family members back together and revealing “dark secrets.”

A premiere date for "The Real World" Season 31 has not been announced. Get to know the rumored new cast members here.

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