It’s the end of an era, TV lovers -- a myth busting era. Discovery Channel announced that its long-running series, “Mythbusters,” which first premiered in 2003, will be concluding the cult-followed series in 2016.

“After 248 episodes, 2950 experiments, 1050 myths, and 900 explosions, hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will say goodbye to the series this winter,” the network announced in a statement.

Savage went on the address the heart-breaking cancellation of "Mythbusters" on Twitter:

“Our crazy, wild, amazing, wooly, wonderful, insane adventure is finally coming to a close,” Hyneman’s co-star of the science entertainment program said, addressing that Season 14 would be the show’s last. Savage and his beret-sporting partner-in-crime went on to thank their fans for their support and suggestions before teasing that the final installment, which is set to premiere on Saturday, Jan. 9, is going to be “awesome”!

The Season 14 promo video, which was posted on Twitter, shows fans of the Discovery series a montage of jaw-dropping clips from the upcoming episodes of the Peter Rees-created show, which range from the launch of rockets to the detonation of a cement truck.

Savage elaborated why viewers should will enjoy the final -- and explosive -- installment during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“The series finale is pretty amazing,” the Discovery Channel star promised, adding the final season will have addressed all the things that “Mythbusters” fans love the most.

“When we construct the final season list of stories, our guiding principle was, ‘What are the iconic categories that fans of ‘Mythbusters  [have] that should not be ignored in the final season?’ We really tried to address each one of those,” he said, noting that the finale will be very satisfying for their loyal audience. “We did find a way to say goodbye.”

Hyneman added that viewers can expect an “emphasis on looking back" during the 2016 installment.

“We’ve tried to go as deeply as possible into the things we’re doing, and gave them the respect and care they deserve,” he said, revealing that the final season of “Mythbusters” would take fans down memory lane.

The final season of “Mythbusters” will premiere on Jan. 9, 2016, on Discovery Channel. Science Channel will air a “Mythbusters” marathon starting on Wednesday, Dec. 23, which will air every episode of the science series.