It didn’t take long for one survivor on Season 2 of “Naked And Afraid XL” to tap out. We have a major spoiler after the jump. For those who want to find who quit in Sunday's episode and why, continue reading:

Carrie Booze was the first to leave the South African bush. Normally, Carrie finishes what she starts. “Tapping out was somewhat of a tough decision because I’m not naturally a quitter,” she said in an interview posted on the show's site. “However, this time I just felt like I got everything I could out of the experience.”

Ultimately, Carried didn’t think that an extra 19 days in the wilderness would teach her anything new. “Everything seems so similar to the last time and I wasn’t sure if I could learn much more,” she said.

The biggest reason she tapped out was because her mental toughness waned. “I would also say that I immediately got depressed as soon as I got to the Bush because I was having flashbacks of how lonely and depressed I was during my 21-day challenge,” Carried explained. “I would equate it to slight PTSD. I just didn’t think that I could take that solitude again.”

Carrie doesn’t regret the situation. When she did her first challenge in Cambodia, she didn’t have a career or a boyfriend. “I don’t like feel like I belong there,” she said about the Bush. “And I’m just at a different stage in my life than I was doing the 21-day challenge.”

In her bio, the 27-year-old stated chef Anthony Bourdain is her “spirit animal.” Carrie, a Denver native, is a full-time student at the University of Colorado.

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Carrie Booze Carried Booze tapped out after Week 1 of Discovery Channel's “Naked And Afraid XL.” Photo: Discovery Channel

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