While Tony and LaDonna Land relaxed in their North Fort Myers, Fla., home on Monday, the last person they expected to see was a naked burglar. 

But that evening they were greeted by 21-year-old Gregory Matthew Bruni, who had climbed onto the couple’s roof -- in the nude. 

Fox-affiliated station WFTX reports that the Lands were in their bedroom at around 7 p.m. when they heard a loud noise outside. Tony went to investigate -- and he saw Bruni on his roof, without clothes on.

Bruni then jumped off the roof and onto Tony and started to punch him before running into the couple’s home.

According to the Huffington Post, Bruni then grabbed a big-screen television off the wall and emptied the contents of a vacuum onto the floor.

At the request of her husband, WFTX states LaDonna Land grabbed the couple’s gun and fired three rounds, but missed. Tony meanwhile called the police. 

During that time, Bruni began masturbating in the living room of the Lands’ home before running into their son’s room and rubbing clothing on his face.

In the beginning of the call to the dispatcher, the operator can be heard saying, “Okay sir, I need to know who you shot." Tony responds, "I don't know who the hell he is, he's naked and he ran into my [expletive] house." 

While calling the police, Tony held Bruni at gunpoint until help arrived. 

“Lay down, I'm talking to you, I won't say it again! Lay down, [expletive] give me my shotgun now I need the shotgun not the pistol, I'm going to ...." Tony can be heard saying during the 911 call.

When the deputies arrived, Bruni was acting erratically and his words did not make sense. MSNBC reports that Bruni tried to flee the deputies, and a Taser had to be used to subdue the suspect.

They later discovered that Bruni defecated on the floor in two locations around the Lands’ home.

The Huffington Post states that Bruni even put the contents of the vacuum he had emptied into his mouth, before spitting them out while he was being questioned by the two officers who arrived at the Lands home. 

Bruni was evaluated at a hospital before being booked in jail. He was administered a toxicology test to determine what drugs he was on, if any. He has been charged with resisting arrest without violence, criminal mischief, battery and occupied burglary.