A gunman wounded four NYPD cops Sunday when police attempted to take him down in his Brooklyn apartment. 33-year-old Nakwon Foxworth reportedly grew angry when several men blocked the service entrance to his apartment while moving another woman into the building. Foxworth, who was arriving home at 3301 Nostrand Ave. with his pregnant girlfriend Jessica Hickling and their 4-moth-old son, started to scream at the men who had reportedly left a barrel in front of the entry way. Foxworth then proceeded to ram the stroller, with his son inside, against the barrel, while his girlfriend screamed for him to stop.

One of the movers, Kairon Decaul, said that Foxworth then pulled out a gun, according to NY Daily News. My friend ran, and he chased him to the truck, said Decaul. He came back inside and threw the gun in the baby's stroller. He put his finger in my face and threatened me. The girl was screaming, 'Calm down! Calm down!'

The mover who had run to the truck called the police as Foxworth took his girlfriend and child up to their apartment. When investigators arrived, Foxworth refused to open his apartment door. Just after midnight, however, his girlfriend rushed out of the apartment with the child, and told NYPD that Foxworth had a gun and was keeping her against her will.

The door was left open after Hickling ran out, and an Emergency Service Unit team entered the apartment, where they were bombarded with bullets. Foxworth fired 12 rounds from his 9-mm. semiautomatic hand gun. Officers returned fire, but four were injured with shots in the calf, ankle and thigh. One shot grazed the face of Captain Al Pizzano. All of the officers are expected to recover.

Foxworth was taken to King County Hospital, where he is in critical condition as of Sunday. He is being charged with criminal possession of a weapon, attempted murder, assault on a police officer and menacing. Foxworth previously served a 10 year sentence for robbery and attempted murder. He had also served another two year sentence for attempted murder when he was 15.