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SNOPA Bill Stops Employers From Requiring Employee Facebook Passwords

Two members of Congress introduced a bill on Friday that would ban employers from requiring employees to hand over their social networking account information. The Social Network Online Protection Act was introduced by Democratic Congressman Eliot Engel of New York and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of Illinois.
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks during a news conference at Cornell University in New York

NYC Will Open 54 New Schools This Fall & A Software Engineering School, Says Bloomberg

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott announced the city's plan to open 54 new schools this fall, including a high school academy for software engineering. Come September, the Bloomberg administration will have closed 140 schools and opened 589 new ones since 2002, through a longstanding policy that has set out to replace poorly performing schools. The new schools will eventually serve more than 21,000 students.

Delancey Underground Exhibit in LES Gallery

An exhibit at the Mark Miller Gallery on the Lower East Side offers New Yorkers insight into one of Manhattan's most exciting endeavors: The Delancey Underground. The Let There Be Light Exhibit displays renderings of an underground park that a pair of NYC architects have set out to create in an abandoned trolley terminal in the Lower East Side.

Anarchist Face Off at Astor Place Starbucks

A group of self-proclaimed anarchists clashed with police outside the Astor Place Starbucks in the East Village over the weekend, leading to the arrest of three people. The anarchists gathered outside the Starbucks on Saturday night and began to smash in the windows using metal pipes. Frightened customers dodged the shattered glass by ducking under tables, and luckily none were hurt.

NYC Pilot Program To Replace Pay Phones With Tablets

New York City will launch a pilot program in which it will replace pay phones throughout the city with touch-screen like tablets. The program is scheduled to begin in May and will specifically target 250 of the city's 12,800 public pay phones to be replaced by the touch-screen kiosks. The kiosks will allow users to access local information in 10 different languages.

NRA Aims At Microstamping Bill With NY Campaign Contributions

Over the last nine years, the National Rifle Association has doled out more campaign cash into New York than to any other state in the country. The NRA has reportedly given New York legislators and political committees $217,400 since 2003, with the primary goal of defeating Mayor Michael Bloomberg's push for the microstamping of bullet casings.

Queens Library Installs Surveillance Cameras After Creepy Incident

The Queens Library has installed security cameras throughout its stacks after a man fondled a young girl last August at the Steinway branch in Astoria. The cameras were implemented in response to an incident in which a man removed a 7-year-old girl's shoes and fondled her feet and rubbed them against his face, authorities said.

Attorney General Schneiderman Probes NYPD Stop-And-Frisk Program

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is reviewing the controversial practice of unjustified NYPD stop-and-frisks. Keeping to his 2010 campaign promise, Schneiderman is currently deciding whether his office should issue a formal report on the practice.

Manhattan High School Teacher Beaten To Death By Son

A Manhattan school teacher was beaten to death by her son in her Midtown apartment Tuesday. Police discovered 63-year-old Karyn Kay at 9:30 a.m. when responding to a 911 call made from West 55th Street and Eighth Avenue. Kay was found with severe head trauma, and was rushed to New York Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Bloomberg Visits Staten Island Brush Fire Site

A major Staten Island brush fire was brought under control Tuesday, as firefighters contained the flames at the old Fresh Kills landfill. The fire broke out Monday around noon. Officials believe the fire was caused by a spontaneously compustible mulch pile, and was further aggravated by the 20 mph winds that fanned the flames. More than 200 firefighters were called to contain the five-alarm blaze, until it was finally put out at 4 a.m. Tuesday. Three firefighteres suffered from minor injuries.

Plaza Hotel May Sell For $600M To India's Sahara Group

India's Sahara Group is eyeing New York City's iconic Plaza Hotel after Israeli owners at El Ad Properties have offered to sell the landmark for $600 million. According to the Economic Times, the Sahara group has already paid a 10 percent down payment for the 105-year-old building following exclusive negotiations between the two real-estate conglomerates. Furthermore, Sahara's founder, Subrata Roy, has made an all-cash offer through Aamby, a Mauritius-based subsidiary, according to the ...

Queens' Samaritan Mike Novak Saves Rape Victim, Says Karate Gave Him Edge

A Queens man chased off a possible rapist who was attacking a woman outside his home yesterday morning, according to the NY Daily News. 54-year-old Mike Novak and his wife were preparing for their day at 5:45 a.m. in Sunnyside. Just as his wife was getting ready to leave for work at her nursing job, he heard a commotion downstairs. Thinking that it may have been his wife, Novak ran out to help.
 People participate in International Pillow Fight Day at Washington Square Park, in New York

Pillow Fight Day 2012: The Most Outrageous Pictures From Washington Square Park Annual NYC Pillow Fight [SLIDESHOW]

Hundreds of grown children gathered in Washington Square Park Saturday for the city's seventh annual Pillow Fight Day. The fluffy free-for-all began at 3 p.m. and for three hours, Washington Square Park was turned into an epic and feathery battle field. The annual NYC event was organized by a group called NewMindSpace, that declared this year's Pillow Fight to be bunny-themed, in honor of Easter weekend. The pillow fight takes place in over 150 cities worldwide, and thousands participate e...

Nakwon Foxworth Shoots Four NYPD Cops In Brooklyn Standoff

A gunman wounded four NYPD cops Sunday when police attempted to take him down in his Brooklyn apartment. 33-year-old Nakwon Foxworth reportedly grew angry when several men blocked the service entrance to his apartment while moving another woman into the building. Foxworth, who was arriving home at 3301 Nostrand Ave. with his pregnant girlfriend Jessica Hickling and their 4-moth-old son, started to scream at the men who had reportedly left a barrel in front of the entry way. Foxworth then proceed...
Netflix File Photo

Netflix's New Political Actions Committee: FLIXPAC

Earlier this week, the online streaming media company, Netflix, filed a statement with the federal government to create it's very own political action committee: FLIXPAC. The new PAC will allow Netflix to directly contribute to federal campaigns, thus boosting the media company's Washington profile. More specifically, A PAC can give $5,000 to a candidate per election (primary, general or special) and up to $15,000 annually to a national political party.