Naomi Watts was a vision in white in a form-fitting Versace gown at the London premiere of the Princess Diana biopic “Diana” on Thursday.

But, the Australian actress failed to impress at the movie’s after-party as she suffered a malfunction in the makeup department. Watts, dressed in a little black dress with long sheer sleeves, had a good amount of makeup caked around her nose and photographers were quick to zero in on the makeup disaster.

Earlier that day, Watts admitted that she was nervous about how the movie would be received, especially by Diana’s sons -- William and Harry. 

"I'll never know what they think because I don't know them. But if they see it, I hope they'll feel we've been respectful," Watts told Sky News.

Regarding her decision to take up the role, Watts said: "It was the biggest risk that one could possibly take and a huge challenge. I had a lot of hesitation about saying yes, but once I did I felt like it was an opportunity I couldn't refuse." 

The movie is based on the book, "Diana: Her Last Love,” which recounts the last two years of the princess’ life before her death in a car crash in 1997. However, the film did not win over critics as a majority of British publications took a swing at it, with the Mirror calling it a “cheap and cheerless effort that looks like a Channel 5 mid-week matinee.”

The Guardian gave the movie one star out of five and noted that the biopic was laced with “bizarre cardboard dialogue.” The Guardian review also observed: “I hesitate to use the term 'car crash cinema'. But the awful truth is that, 16 years after that terrible day in 1997, she [Diana] has died another awful death.”