A day before the sport’s most prestigious race, a violent crash during the final lap of NASCAR’s Nationwide Series at Daytona reportedly ended up injuring several fans.

According to the New York Times, the Voluisa Country Fire Department released a statement that at least 15 people were injured, and the local medical center said one person suffered life-threatening injuries.

Rookie driver Kyle Larson’s car lifted up off the track, and slammed into the catch fence, with debris escaping into the crowd. Veteran driver Tony Stewart finished with the checkered flag. Twelve racecars were involved in the pileup and no driver was reported injured.

“What we know right now is there obviously was some intrusion into the fence,” Nascar’s president, Mike Helton said, according to the Times. “Fortunately with the way the event’s equipped up, there were plenty of emergency workers ready to go. They all jumped in on it pretty quickly.”

Video of the crash can be seen below, and USA Today’s Big Lead Sports found a video taken from the stands by a fan, which can be viewed here at the reader’s discretion.